10 Free Things You Can Do with the Mesa (AZ) 2020 Update

Are you wondering how to make the most of your visit to Mesa without having to pay for it? This post will give you 10 great ideas for free things to do in Mesa this year. Bookmark this page if you love it!

Free Things You Can Do in Mesa

Free Things You Can Do in Mesa

Mesa is a city in Arizona and borders the Salt Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.

Located in quaint Maricopa County. It has a population of more than 400,000 people.

The city is also full of museums, art, and hiking opportunities. as well as delicious food and drinks

Adults and children alike can find fun in our year-round sunshine. They range from baseballs to dinosaurs. The possibilities are endless. Let’s get down to the beauty part!

Below are a selection of unique things you can do for fun in Mesa. If you are around town

1. Mesa Arts Center

Free Things You Can Do in Mesa

Mesa Arts Center is a 210,000 square foot performing and visual arts center.

Opened in 2005, it is the largest arts center in Arizona and one of Mesa’s top tourist attractions.

In the same way The center features four performance venues, including the 99-seat Farnsworth Studio Theater and the 1,600-seat Ikeda Theater, five galleries and more.

2. Enjoy the game at Hohokam Stadium

Free Things You Can Do in Mesa

If you feel like exercising a bit but don’t want to go all out. Check out Hohokam Stadium, a baseball park that can accommodate more than 12,000 spectators at one time.

The stadium is also home to several local clubs and serves as a training ground. And you can watch the game if you happen to be in town on game night.

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The area is named after the indigenous Hohokam tribe who lived and worked on the land until the 15th century.

3. Visit Usery Mountain Regional Park

Free Things You Can Do in Mesa

Located on North Usery Pass Road, Usery Mountain Regional Park is a 3,648-acre park with campgrounds. Mountain biking and hiking trails and beautiful scenery

There are 73 campsites in the park, including campsites, picnic tables, barbecue grills, and more. There are more than 29 miles of trails in the park for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking.

Trails range from short and easy to long and difficult. It offers visitors breathtaking views of the area. The park hosts many special events such as Archery 101, Full Moon Hike, Movie Night in the Park, and more.

If you’re looking for free things to do in Mesa AZ with kids, this is a great place.

4. Visit the temple visitor center

Free Things You Can Do in Mesa

Temple Mesa Visitor Center is an LDS Church temple known for its unique architecture, beautiful gardens, and stunning holiday light shows. and nativity scene

Mormon missionaries at the visitor center are available to answer questions about the temple grounds and gardens.

The annual Mesa Easter Pageant is held in March. By allowing visitors to experience the story of Jesus Christ through music and dance.

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5. Enjoy the tranquility at the Mesa Arizona Temple.

Free Things You Can Do in Mesa

The Mesa Arizona Temple is a temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The temple has a comprehensive visitor center that focuses on providing historical and educational information about the development of the church through videos, exhibits, artwork, and statues of Jesus Christ.

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However, visitors are allowed and encouraged to visit the temple grounds which are looked after by volunteers within the church. And you can enjoy the temple garden as well.

6. Relax at Saguaro Lake Ranch Stables

Free Things You Can Do in Mesa

Saguaro Lake Ranch Stables offers horseback riding and hiking in the Sonoran Desert and Goldfields Mountains.

There are many options for playing the rides. Ranging from half an hour to 2 hours, all led by an experienced guide.

Guides take riders along saguaro cactus-lined ridges along the Salt River. and across a dry arroyo to the top of a mountain that offers breathtaking views of the area. Including Saguaro Lake

These rides are popular because they give you the feeling of riding like a cowboy during the Wild West days.

The farm is open from October 1st to May 1st.

7. Walk around at the Arizona Museum of Natural History.

Arizona Museum of Natural History

The Arizona Museum began as a humble collection of artefacts and has now expanded to more than 74,000 square feet, housing more than 10,000 historical photographs of the region.

The museum aims to inform and engage visitors. and has many large installations, including a replica of an Arizona prison, a gold mine, and an indoor waterfall that spans three floors.

8. Relax at Riverview Park, Mesa, AZ

Relax at Riverview Park

Riverview Park is a popular recreational destination with an incredible playground that offers many amenities.

Located on West Eighth Street at the northwest corner of Rio Salado Parkway and Dobson.

This includes a 60-foot rope climbing area, a 50-foot climbing tower and two play areas for toddlers and older kids.

When it comes to free things you can do in Mesa. There is also a swimming area with many water sources. Including Community Fishing lakes.

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The Arizona Game and Fish Department stocks fish year-round. Within Riverview Park is Sloan Park. It is the spring training center for the Chicago Cubs.

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9. Visit the Mesa Grande Ruins

grand ruins

Immerse yourself in the local culture with a trip to the Mesa Grand Ruins. It is said to be the administrative and religious center of the ancient Hohokam village.

This site was created to preserve what was left of the village.

However, most of the area has only been partially excavated. And much of it remains beneath the surface for tourists to ponder and play as budding archaeologists.

Moreover, These ruins are still believed to be the site of a working village from 1100 to 1140.

10. Go on a public art walking tour

Public Art Walking Tour

In Mesa, you don’t have to go to a museum to buy art. You can join a public art walking tour to see street art scattered throughout the city.

There are approximately 40 pieces scattered throughout the mesa. And the arrangements range from the awesome to the ridiculous.

This includes a large bronze pig and stiletto sandals with blossoms inside. So all you have to do is download the map and walk.

In summary about the free things you can do in Mesa. We hope this post gave you something fun to think about.

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