25 Top US Employment Agencies for Nurses

Nurses are in high demand in the United States. Due to the aging population Chronic disease rates and health care labor shortages

This creates extensive career opportunities for international nurses who want to move and work in the United States.

Specialty nursing recruiting agencies make it easier to connect qualified applicants with hospitals, health systems and other providers. who hire nurses from abroad

They take care of visa support. Licensing, Interviews, and More In this article, you will discover the top 25 recruiting companies for nurses in the United States.

Why use the services of an employment agency?

Immigration to work as a nurse in the United States can be daunting.

Recruiters will efficiently guide applicants through a complex process:

  • Evaluation of education, skills, and qualifications for U.S. nursing licensure.
  • Advice on the best visa path, such as H-1B or Green Card.
  • Prepare necessary documents such as resume and license.
  • Identification of currently in-demand job vacancies that are appropriate for each nurse.
  • Coordinate interviews with healthcare employers.
  • Assistance with relocation needs such as flights and housing.

Renowned broker has established relationships with America’s major health systems.

They are able to match candidates with ideal long-term nursing roles. Going through an agency will maximize your chances of success.

Leading USA nursing placement agency for nurses.

Here are the top 25 best recruiting agencies for nurses in the USA:

1. Next employee transfer

Next Move Staffing is one of the largest staffing companies in the United States. that focuses on nursing alone

They specialize in providing internationally educated nurses in areas of need.

2. Fastaff Travel Nursing

Fastaff Travel Nursing is the main agency providing contract travel services. Temporary training until licensure and permanent placement for nurses. Known for its enormous rewards

3. Intellicare

IntelyCare is an innovative nursing agency that enables nurses to receive open home care shifts through a mobile app.


ShiftMed matches nurses with urgent temporary and long-term clinical care shifts. Very good for gaining experience.

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5. Jackson Nurse Specialist

Jackson Nurse Professionals Appoint a nurse health expert and more than 10,000 physicians annually across the United States.

6. Aureus Medical Group

Aureus Medical Group is a national organization that specializes in providing specialized nursing care such as OR nurses, ICU nurses, emergency room nurses, and more.

7. Nurse Fly

This digital platform allows nurses to quickly search thousands of jobs from top healthcare employers.

8. Trust

Trustaff specializes in contract travel nursing assignments while also accepting permanent clinical work.

9. Nurses across the country

Cross Country Nurses is part of the Cross Country Healthcare family, placing RNs in contract, permanent and allied health roles from coast to coast.

10. Nurse Snap

SnapNurse matches nurses with nursing homes and flexible care facilities. with market leading payout rates Suitable for beginners

11. Proper provision of health care personnel

Tailored Healthcare Staffing is a White Glove agency with a reputation for staffing nurses in prestigious hospital systems.

12. Avant Healthcare Professionals

Avant Healthcare Professionals is a leading international nurse recruiter known for organizing hiring events. License support and visa assistance

13. RN Network

RN Network is an agency founded by RNs with over two decades of experience providing nursing placements in thriving locations across the country.

14. Conroe Health Care

Conroe Health Care is based in Texas and nationwide recruiters help relocating nurses earn their LVN or RN license.

15. Nurse Rx

NursesRx is an exclusive recruiter for OR nurses, ICU nurses, pediatric nurses, and other advanced nursing roles.

16. MedPro Healthcare Staffing

MedPro Healthcare Staffing is an experienced agency that specializes in staffing professionals such as CRNAs, nurse practitioners, nurse therapists, and more.

17. Complementary health care

Supplementary Health Care is the leading agency for finding flexible, short-term nursing contracts, day jobs, and regular positions.

18. Healthcare tourism

HealthCare Traveler Jobs is an expert in providing highly skilled travel nurses to lucrative crisis response and disaster relief contracts.

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19. Specialized nursing assistant

This boutique agency takes a personal approach to matching nurses with ideal long-term hospital jobs in a welcoming location.

20. Consumer choice health care

Consumers Choice Health Care is a skilled nursing agency with over two decades of experience in recruiting and providing travel nursing options.

21. CCMI Nursing

CCMI Nursing is a leader in recruiting professionals who specialize in securing H-1B visas, green cards, and permanent residence in the United States. For nurses with international abilities

22. RN.com

This job search tool allows nurses to search for job openings by location and specialty from a wide variety of employers and agencies.

23. Medical solutions

Medical Solutions is one of the largest healthcare travel staffing companies in the country. There are thousands of nursing positions open.

24. Procurement of medical personnel NextStep

NextStep Medical Staffing connects nurses with their assignments in various environments. From private hospitals to critical care hospitals.

25. LRS Healthcare

LRS Healthcare specializes in rapidly mobilizing experienced nurses for high-paying travel and crisis response contracts across America.

Important tips for applying through a broker

To increase your chances of working with leading agencies. Please follow these tips:

  • Have all documents such as transcripts, licenses, and resumes ready to submit. Visas such as the H-1B have a limited duration.
  • Confirm your eligibility for a state nursing license based on your home country qualifications before applying.
  • Open about the experience Specialty desired location and practice space The more accurate the match, the better.
  • Have realistic salary expectations based on background and local nursing wages in the target state.
  • Respond to recruiters by email, text, or phone call to expedite the recruitment process.
  • Be flexible about initial contracts or temporary work to gain experience. This is because most recruiters will take up permanent positions thereafter.
  • Follow up with your recruiter contact on new positions and application status regularly.

With preparation and determination Recruiters can expedite nurses from overseas into well-paying and rewarding healthcare careers in the United States.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the process like after applying with an agency?

After applying You will interview with an agency about your skills, preferences, and documents.

If they accept you as a candidate They will sell you on suitable open positions.

How much does the agency charge for nurses?

Reputable agencies do not charge nursing fees. They earn a commission based on job placements. Therefore, applicants do not have to pay any fees. Avoid any agency that asks for an upfront fee.

How soon can I get an International Nursing position?

The duration varies. But on average it takes 2-4 months after applying for an agent to land you a suitable permanent job if you are flexible.

What types of nurses are in highest demand?

Currently ICU, ER, OR, Pediatrics, Nurse Practitioner and other clinical experts They are most in demand, as are general RNs who are willing to work in underserved markets.

Can the agency help with immigration and licensing matters?

Yes, Higher Education has dedicated staff to guide nurses in applying for necessary visas such as H-1B and obtaining state nursing licenses.


U.S. nursing recruiters, such as those listed here, are the fastest path for overseas nurses to start their careers and secure coveted positions with America’s top healthcare employers.

Recruiters reduce the guesswork and stress of relocation by managing the recruitment process from credentials to interviews. They opened the doors to foreign countries.

This is because the nursing shortage is expected to worsen as demand grows. Quality recruiters offer a valuable service to nurses looking for new experiences. and employers who want to hire personnel with special abilities

So don’t move alone! Partner with trusted recruitment experts who have led international nursing to success together for over three decades.

Your next exciting nursing opportunity is closer than you think.

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