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5 tips to cure back acne How to choose a soap to get rid of acne completely – AKERU

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It’s the back acne that won’t go away once! When it comes to acne Other than the face Acne on the back is another problem that many people often face, which in addition to causing pain and discomfort when the acne is inflamed. Some people still experience acne vulgaris itching. and makes wearing clothes that show the back look bad too. Today P’Akeru collected the secrets for treating back acne. and how to choose a soap especially for people with acne on their backs We leave everyone. If you’re ready, let’s go see.

Back acne treatment tips

regular exfoliation


Not only the face but the skin especially on our back This is the part where the sebaceous glands are very special. Therefore, scrub your skin regularly with natural scrubs such as salt, sugar, tamarind and coffee grounds, or use ready-made scrubs specially formulated for the body and formulated to reduce acne. To also help eliminate skin cells.

Clean the sheets every week.


Besides clothes that are worn regularly, bed sheets are another thing that we should pay special attention to and clean. Because every day we tend to sleep at least 8 hours. If our sheets have accumulated bacteria. It can cause skin irritation and also cause acne on the back. So we should clean the sheets. Including various bedding such as pillowcases, pillows and blankets on a regular basis. At least 1-2 times a week, this will help reduce acne problems on your back.

Choose the right body cream

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Choosing the Right Body Lotion You don’t even need to choose a formula that specifically helps treat acne. I just want it to be a light lotion that absorbs quickly and moisturizes my skin well. because if our skin gets enough moisture It will help to shed natural skin cells better. and it also helps protect the skin from bacteria. Most importantly, it doesn’t have to cause a blockage to our skin.

Take care of cleaning your hair regularly.


for long haired girl She has to take care to clean our hair in a special way. because if our hair is dirty and full of it It will result in the accumulation of bacteria on our back. and eventually cause the clogging to become acne Therefore, for anyone who wants acne to go away and is someone who likes to already have long hair it is recommended that you wash your hair regularly. Instead, tie your hair up when you sweat. Also, when you wash your hair, you should wash off all the conditioner and use the folded scalp when washing your hair. Not to rub the cream on the back. Because sometimes it can cause allergies or clog pores.

cleanse the body every time after exercise

The most effective way to get the most out of it is to cleanse your body. after exercise or after doing various activities which accelerates sweating a lot especially in summer Don’t be afraid to sit back and enjoy. Because sweat is what causes blockages. And the buildup of bacteria means that acne never goes away. Most importantly, don’t forget to look for a soap that helps take care of acne especially on your back. Because these soaps contain ingredients that help solve exactly our skin problems. And make your acne go away faster, sure enough.

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How to choose soap for acne

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For how to choose soap for acne treatment We advise you to choose a bar of soap. Because there will be less chance of clogging the skin and it can be washed cleaner than liquid soap and should be selected with bacteria-killing ingredients It does not contain substances that cause skin clogging And there are extracts that help take care of skin problems acne such as salicylic acid, vitamin C, tea tree oil extract, mangosteen peel and various herbal soaps that help eliminate bacteria, which is the root cause of acne, like soap. Nate Vitamin C & E, Acne-Aid Bar For Acne Prone Skin Soap, Kok Liang Chinese Herbal Soap and the Protex soap, Proclean formula with tamarind extract and antibacterial agents. Especially suitable for people with back acne.

For those who have back acne problem that bothers you often Sometimes the acne problem doesn’t stop once. It can be caused by some behavior in everyday life without our knowledge. So don’t forget to bring tips and how to buy soap to cure acne on back. which P’Akeru recommends to try and see. You ensure that if you can follow all items. The skin on our back will definitely be freed from acne problems.


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