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6 techniques to keep snacks to eat for a long time without running out

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For girls who like to eat sweets often encounter problems eat a lot, enjoy eating intend to buy and stock up gradually Keep it to eat, but it always ends early. No snacks to eat for a long time. Also, I’m gaining weight, I feel very sick and I’m wrong. And if it has been like this for a long time it can manifest eating disorders. Today I have good advice. who have tried to use it and it really works, bring it for you to try So that you can have snacks to eat for a long time. Some intentions

Techniques for dividing snacks to keep them for a long time

1. Don’t store snacks in your seat.

Placing snacks close at hand or easy to see I can say that there is almost no possibility of collecting. If it’s a favorite food, then it’s guaranteed to be sold out quickly. Because it’s very tempting. Whether it’s watching TV or desk The more you eat, the more pleasant things you do Sometimes, however many snacks you have, you run out without realizing it.

2. Store it in a closet or drawer that is rarely opened often.

This technique confirms that it works very well. Some of them stay until you really forget you ever bought them, you will feel happy whenever you suddenly come across them unexpectedly. At least it helps to cut down on eating out at once versus putting it in a visible place and eating out easily. Keep some that shouldn’t be kept in one place. We always have our favorite snack depot. but keeping it in one place We’ll remember and pick and eat easily until it’s all. But don’t put it in a secret place until you come back and find it, it’s expired. We didn’t eat here, it’s a shame.

3. Put in a jar or bottle that can’t see the candy inside.

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This has been tested on volunteers. Try placing a cookie jar near the refrigerator where you drink water. More people would pick it up and eat it than put the cookies in a dark jar and put them in the cupboard. Delicious food is so tempting. You can’t help but eat a piece or two. That’s right, even if you’re not hungry or don’t want to eat. It’s like a candy store that needs to be displayed and easily seen. So maybe curb your appetite by putting in a jar that can’t see the snacks inside?

4. Divided into small envelopes. Keep it separate for eating each time.

We buy some snacks because there is a promotion. Buy a lot and reduce the price. Or if you buy it and have a free gift, you must buy it because you think it is worth more than buying it at the regular price. But snacking a lot makes me eat more. It runs out faster than buying even less, it turns out to be wasteful and fatter too. So I will recommend this trick now. Try dividing into boxes or bags. In the amount you intend to eat within 1 time, instead of eating the whole big bag or sharing it on a plate, it will help stop us, it will help us slow down eating. Eat too much until it’s all gone.

5. Chew gum or suck on sugarless candy instead.

Sometimes I will start to feel my penance breaking. Share snacks to eat but still want to eat Still not feeling enough to want to eat again Eat until all snacks run out on one side. Try switching to candy or chewing gum to make sure your mouth is too busy It will help us forget. Don’t focus on wanting to eat too many snacks. But you should eat without sugar so your teeth don’t deteriorate. and not fat

6. Be patient for next time.

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Sometimes we have to use a way to hold each other down. Indulging yourself all the time is not good. Especially thinking that soon you can go and buy a new one, this one has already broken quite a lot. try to create a condition Try to have an excuse, for example, complete this task 1-2 hours ago, then eat it. Or better save it for next time, not so hungry right now, etc. Maybe it will make you want to keep it to eat when there is nothing more to eat.

Although eating snacks makes you fat but having no snacks to save to eat Life will seem miserable. too unhappy. Also, during this period, it may not be convenient to go out and buy things often, you have to buy a lot to keep at once. but managed to keep it for a long time. These methods would help girls. We snack to eat together happily in moderation. together

Image source: wattpad, 天瀬音羽, dash & co, marthastewart, popsugar
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