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8 ways to overcome excess weight For a slim and beautiful figure – AKERU

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A beautiful and slim figure is one of the highest dreams of all women. you may not need to be skinny But just ask to be fit and proportionate, as well as look good. It also looks healthy. And in this article, Akeru has 8 ways to help girls. It can be adapted to lose weight effectively if girls can do it continuously. Guarantee you will see results within 2 weeks ever. Is there any interesting way? We see.

How to conquer excess weight

1. Drink water before meals.

drink water before meals It’s a weight loss secret that girls Many people may already know. Drinking water before meals can help you feel full. and help us eat less at every meal when we eat less food Weight will be reduced.

Advice: After waking up, try drinking a glass of water. It will help the body’s metabolic system function better. and helps in matters of excretory system

2. Drink strong coffee

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Strong coffee like black coffee will help the body’s metabolism work better. It also stimulates the body to expel waste. and helps burn fat very well

Advice: Try drinking coffee about 30 minutes before your workout to get the most out of it. It makes the body able to burn more calories

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3. Try doing IF at least once a week.

IF, or the full name called Intermittent Fasting, is a restriction of food intake for a specific period of time. The most popular period is 8 hours of feeding and 16 hours of fasting.

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Many people may think that its benefits are only used to lose weight, but there are actually many benefits of doing IF as follows:

  • Helps to lose weight and belly fat
  • lowers blood sugar levels
  • Reduce the risk of developing various diseases
  • Stimulate detoxification in the body

Advice: If you want to lose weight effectively When eating, it is advisable to abstain from starchy foods, white rice, white sugar, and recommend eating fruit instead so that the body receives natural sugars.

4. Reduce the consumption of sugar, sweets, fried foods and flours.

such food Causes obesity, belly and fat accumulation, especially when eaten in excess and in the amount that suits the body. However, stopping starch altogether may not be good for the body. Because the body still needs flour. Therefore, the best way is to control the amount of starch and sugar intake.

Advice: Starch can be consumed before exercise. to increase energy But you should refrain from eating flour for dinner or before bed.

5. Eat spicy foods

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Research has shown that eating spicy foods can help reduce fat. and it also helps in increasing the metabolic rate in the body. Also, eating spicy food helps us feel full quickly. Causing us not to eat too much food

Advice: Try adding cayenne pepper, spices, or hot sauces to your favorite dishes. In addition to adding flavor, it also helps you fill up easily. Even the fat is gone.

6. Exercise regularly.

Reducing your intake alone may not be enough to cause weight loss. But exercise is a great way to burn calories and extra fat, and it also helps keep your body healthy. The body releases substances of happiness. It also helps relieve tension

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Advice: Try moving from the elevator to going up the stairs. or if not very far Try to go from sitting on a motorcycle to walking. Make sure your body can move your legs and legs. It’s an exercise in itself.

7. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are considered healthy foods and are great for those trying to lose weight. One reason is that fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. rich in dietary fiber It also contains natural sugars that do not cause harm to the body.

Advice: Eat fruit instead of snacks. It is good for our body and for the little belly.

8. Get enough sleep

Staying up late as well as causing the body to get insufficient rest It can make us feel so hungry that we have to get up and go find something to eat. Eating late at night causes food to accumulate in the body and not burn. Insufficient sleep also affects hormones. cause changes in blood sugar levels And some hormones can also make you feel hungrier.

Advice: If you are hungry at night Recommended to drink water instead of looking for something to eat. Or, if you are very hungry, you can try to find low-calorie foods such as fruit, boiled eggs, soy sauce or yogurt, but if you really don’t want to eat anything, we recommend brushing your teeth. It will help reduce your appetite.

How are you doing with 8 ways to lose weight? weight control What P’Akeru shared today, if a girl wants to have a beautiful and slim body, look healthy, she try to use these tips.

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