Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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9 exercises to build the waist in S. Easy to do. You can do it at home.

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Hello girls Everyone today, brother Akerumi 9 simple exercises to build a life in StLet’s leave each other I think there will be girls now. Many people who want to have a good shape with a small waist So that when they wear pantyhose or crop top, they will be so beautiful that they can’t see each other’s eyes, right? which exercise postures led to leaving girls Today I can say that it is very easy to follow. Let’s do it at home.

How to create a life in Stsimple

First of all, I have to tell you that there are many ways to do this together. Whether it’s exercise, food choice, or even surgery, it can now be done safely. But today P’Akeru would like to share a method that can be easily done by yourself. At home without having to rely on the knife.

Choose to eat good, nutritious food.

It’s another way for girls. Many people choose to use each other. This method will focus on eating low-calorie foods, such as Chicken breast, hard-boiled egg, salmon, lean pork, vegetables, fruit, and whole-grain bread. Cut back on sweets, oily, and sugary things. In this way, in addition to having an S-shaped life, you also have good health

Use of waist belt (corset)

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It is another option that is used in urgent times. Using the waist strap which now has many options to fasten the waist as small as possible which said before this methodI can’t permanently make life smallerBut it’s just one way to help disguise the likes by dressing up to disguise the puppet himself. And if you use this method regularly, you may need to watch out for your respiratory system. digestive system with It is a good way to use it only when you have to go out for an important event.

Surgery with a specialist doctor

At present, there are 2 methods of lumbar surgery which are commonly performed as follows: abdominal liposuction with surgery to remove the abdominal wall and part of the waist Both of these methods are quite expensive. And if you don’t control your diet, it can cause you to have a great waist again.

9 exercises to build life in St

In which today we bring together all 9 poses for girls from the YouTube channel. Healthy World book Each position is a simple position. Perform each pose for 50 seconds, then take a 10-second break on a daily basis. Right now, she has a nice S waist, and she also gets six packs on her stomach.

  • Plank and cross leg This involves performing a cross-legged plank behind you. alternately on both sides. Try not to lift your butt too much. This pose will make you feel tight in the sides of your waist. Up to making it possible to create an S waist, sure enough
  • Russian twist In this position, the torso should be rotated back and forth like this. This position might be a little difficult. for beginners It is recommended to put your feet on the carpet. It will be easier. Slowly follow the clip too Hm!
  • Side Plak hops This pose is similar to plank but with one knee popping forward. alternating right and left It is advisable to bring the knees as far forward as possible when jumping. Or, if you can’t jump, you can use your feet to step back and forth.
  • Bicycle crunches This position will be lying down. it will lift only the upper back alternating with the knee lift back and forth Bring the knees as far apart as possible.
  • Plank hip twist This is also a hip twist board. It is recommended that you rotate your hips as low as possible. To help reduce the size of the waist on the side to further narrow the waist.
  • Side plank hip dip This pose may require some strong arm muscles. Care must be taken that the elbow is in line with the shoulder. Then lift your hips up and down. This pose can work both the muscles in the arms and the abdomen. And most importantly, don’t forget to switch to the other side as well.
  • Twisted mountain climber This position will use your hands and feet on the floor. and straighten up. Then raise your knee as high as you can. Let me tell you this pose made my stomach feel very tight. The six-pack job is to come.
  • Lying twist This pose is to lie flat on the floor. and raise your knees keep your knees perpendicular Then alternately twist the left and right strand. Don’t forget to twist as much as possible. This pose will help both your thigh muscles and your abs.
  • Spider-Man’s climbers This pose is similar to Spider-Man’s climbing stance. The knee will be lifted out of the body. Then rotate your body along the knee as far as possible. This position might be a little difficult. It is recommended to do it slowly. You don’t have to be too fast, you will get dizzy.
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How are you doing with the 9 exercises that P’Akeru brings together today? that all these poses will doIt only takes 10 minutes/set. But we recommend it if you want to have a small 3 sets a day I guarantee this will be a girl with an S waist as you wish. Keep fighting, everyone!

Image source: weheartit, wattpad, shopakira, nazarianplasticsurgery
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