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9 foods you eat that can lower your immunity

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Currently, the situation of the COVID-19 virus is going viral. In addition to having to wear a hygienic mask Avoid touching Above all, you must take care of your health. to keep the body healthy Enhance your immunity Avoid the food which will weaken your body. lowered immunity and disease risk Let’s go see it. What foods are harmful to health?

9 Foods You Eat That Lower Your Immunity Risk

1. Sweets / desserts that contain a lot of sugar.

Sweets, baked goods, cookies or toast These desserts are every girl’s favorite. together, right? Because eating sweets seems to energize the body, but! These sweets, in addition to helping to give energy to the body. It also raises blood sugar. This will have a negative effect on the immune system in the body. Your body needs plenty of calcium, phosphorus, and B-complex vitamins to help digest sugars. Inhibition of immune cell responses. When taken in large quantities and continued for a long time. It will destroy girls’ health.

2. Fried food

Fried food is delicious. It can be said that it is a pleasant menu to eat. Delightful, people of all genders and ages ever. Fried food is a menu that uses a lot of oil and is another cause of disease. Because in fried foods there are AGE molecules, which are the excess sugars and proteins in the body that react and combine. If there is too much, it will affect the immune system in the body. When this substance enters any part of the body, that part will cause deterioration. Therefore, if friends If you do not want to get sick, also avoid eating fried foods.

3. Instant noodles

Instant noodles can be called a medicine at the end of the month for friends. So many people, right? But please warn your friends. We keep in mind that if you can avoid it, you should avoid it because instant noodles, in addition to having low nutritional value, are also dangerous for health. There is a propylene glycone substance in the instant noodles which will disrupt the immune system. causing the immune system in the body to not work efficiently until it can lead to complications. Also, instant noodles are classified as hard to digest foods. It affects our intestinal system and digestive system somewhat.

4. Raw food

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Raw food, raw food, sashimi, these foods are often fresh and colorful. Sounds appetizing, but! These foods contain contaminants and bacteria. When these things build up in the body, it negatively affects the immune system and the body. It causes abnormal functioning of the liver, kidneys and heart. If it enters a large number of cells. in the body will stop working immediately Therefore, friends You should choose to eat in moderation.

5. Spicy food

Spicy foods may have health benefits by aiding appetite and burning excess calories, but spicy foods, spicy foods tend to be high in sodium. which will inhibit the function of the immune system in the body Stimulates another puncture of the body tissues. Furthermore, there is also the risk of self-allergy. so friends Try to switch to food that tastes close to nature. cooking a little less It’s the best for your health.

6. Caffeinated drinks

Many of my friends use coffee, green tea or energy drinks to stay awake. But! It can interfere with sleep and lower the body’s immune system. Also, these drinks are very acidic. It can also increase inflammation in the body. Friends, coffee lovers, green tea lovers must be very careful.


7. Processed foods

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Processed foods such as sausages, ham, pork sausage, Chinese sausage are often mixed with synthetic materials in these foods, such as preservatives, to extend the shelf life of these foods for longer storage. If you eat a lot It will accumulate in the body. As a result, the body’s cells don’t function properly. and cause the body to cause disease

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8. Drinks alcohol

hangout line Party people listen like this. alcoholic beverages In addition to not only negatively affecting the liver It also affects the function of white blood cells in the body. it decreases the immune system in the body besides drinking drinks which contain ethyl alcohol mixed central nervous system depressant making one lose balance, walk erratically, lose self-control and lose consciousness Therefore, friends You should limit your alcohol intake to an extent moderate.

9. Fast food

Fast food Nowadays it is a popular food for everyone because it is easy to find, convenient, fast, but it also carries many dangers because these foods contain a lot of refined flour. easy to gain weight AND foods made from refined flour affect the balance of bacteria in the intestines. worsen the excretory system It also destroys the immune system in the body. so friends can avoid eating these whole-grain oatmeal sandwiches to build fiber. Better add fiber to the excretory system.

During this time, friends You may need to be careful when choosing food. Because these foods shouldn’t be eaten a lot and continuously. because it will weaken the body Illness may occur, but to be healthy and beneficial to the body. Let’s help protect ourselves from disease.

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