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9 “Probiotic” Foods Help Build A Good Digestive And Immune System!

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In this period, friends Anyone who feels uncomfortable, uncomfortable in the stomach, unable to expel fluently It also negatively affects physical and emotional health. Today P’Akeru will present. 9 Foods That Will Help Your Digestive System Work Better and helps strengthen the body’s immunity What will there be? We see!

Discover the “probiotics”


probiotics are living microorganisms beneficial to the body when consumed in sufficient quantities It will be beneficial and help to have a positive effect on health. Probiotics are microorganisms resistant to acids and alkalis. It can bind to the surface of the intestinal mucosa and produce substances against or eliminate other types of microorganisms that are not needed and can cause disease or cause disease in the body. It also increases the absorption of calcium in the digestive system. decreased intestinal function Stimulates intestinal peristalsis, increasing the moisture content of the stool, allowing for smoother excretion. It also stimulates the immune response. Resulting in the creation of protective substances and stimulation of the immune system to achieve a balanced state. But if we take too many probiotics, it can increase flatulence. Abdominal bloating or distension may occur.

9 foods with probiotics

1. Kimchi


Spicy Pickled Kimchi Korean food popular among Thai people. which can be used as a side dish or used for cooking Whether it’s kimchi soup or kimchi fried rice Besides being delicious, it also contains probiotics which are beneficial for the body and also help reduce the risk of cancer.

2. Cottage cheese

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Ricotta is a type of hard cheese, also known as fresh cheese. containing a combination of protein and also high amounts of calcium. It helps keep bones strong and also contains probiotics that work on the intestinal system. It is also a good food for weight loss because cottage cheese has fewer calories than regular cheese. Cottage cheese is often used in healthy dishes like Mix it with salads for extra protein. Eat with cereal or muesli. Or smoothie with fruit, it’s delicious in another way.

3. Apple cider


apple cider Apple cider vinegar is fermented without the use of chemicals and left to ferment in wooden barrels. The fermentation in the wooden barrel will be a good quality fermentation. It is unfiltered, heated fermented vinegar. Therefore, there are complete enzymes from nature. Apple cider is one of the natural foods that are good for your health, as it contains probiotics that help build the immune system. in the body to function better It also increases the function of fat burning system and helps in controlling blood sugar levels well.

4. Storm

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Tempeh is fermented soybeans that form a soft white fiber that stretches the soybeans tightly together in a sheet. It is a nutty but not hard fermented food. The meat is tender and can be sliced ​​into several pieces. cooking Suitable for vegetarians or those who avoid meat. It can be cooked beforehand or can be eaten fresh. Because by eating fresh tempeh you get probiotics, beneficial microorganisms for the functioning of the intestine and digestive system.

5. Kombucha

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Kombucha is a fermented tea made by fermenting tea with green or black tea mixed with sugar, yeast and bacteria and left to sit for at least 7-15 days until it takes on a refreshing sweet and sour taste. Kombucha is a drink that has medicinal properties. There are probiotic microorganisms which are good microorganisms that the body cannot produce itself. Helps balance the intestinal tract, reducing the number of bad bacteria. And it makes the gut strong, plus it also contains lactic acid to help reduce diarrhea as well

6. Sauerkraut

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sauerkraut or sour cabbage Is a popular German side dish served with sausages. Fried Meat Dishes Combining sauerkraut with food adds a balance of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Sauerkraut contains probiotic microorganisms. Helps take care of the digestive system, excretory system. It helps maintain blood pressure, blood sugar levels too. More importantly, it also adds flavor, reduces greasiness, and enhances deliciousness.

7. Dark chocolate


Dark chocolate is a highly concentrated chocolate. It has a bitter taste compared to regular chocolate. It is considered a healthier snack than general snacking when eaten in moderation. Furthermore, dark chocolate also contains important substances. That is, probiotics help the intestinal and gastrointestinal systems work perfectly and help reduce the incidence of various diseases. intestinal

8. Miso soup


miso soup or soybean paste soup It is made with miso obtained by steaming soybeans and crushing them. Then the malt and salt are mixed and left to marinate. It is a way to preserve food for a long time to eat. In one cup of miso soup, it is packed with many beneficial nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc. Miso soup also contains probiotics that help the digestive system work more efficiently, helping to detoxify the body. which is caused by various stresses Miso soup is therefore an ideal food for people with digestive problems.

9. Yogurt

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Yogurt is a fermented milk product. Therefore, the microorganisms contained in yogurt are naturally occurring microorganisms and are present in relatively large quantities. There are microorganisms in yogurt. Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Lactobacillus Casei increase the good bacteria in our stomach. It also contains probiotics which help balance the digestive system, reducing constipation and bacteria in the female genitalia, also reducing yeast infection in the vagina.

All friends who are worriedDull skin is not luminous. the excretion is not regular There may be a problem with the digestive system. or it could be because the intestines are not strong Let’s move on to eating these foods. To help strengthen the good health of the body from within.

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