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Checklist 9 foods people with flu should abstain from! – AKERU

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At this moment the weather started to change. Soon hot, soon cold. It is important to take care of yourself while you are ill. Avoid foods that delay recovery. If you want your body to return to normal health quickly These foods should be avoided!

9 foods people with the flu should avoid

1. Milk


Even if milk is a healthy food. But for some patients who are allergic to milk protein It should be avoided because it can cause allergic reactions and thick mucus. block the airways more and for people who cough because of phlegm If you drink milk, it will make the phlegm stickier, causing irritation in the throat.

2. Sweets

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Sweets are delicious desserts. Favorite menu of many friends, but! It is considered a food to avoid when sick. Because the body we get a lot of sugar will reduce the body’s immunity. causing inflammation and infection easily and recovering more slowly

3. Coffee


Coffee drinkers need to be careful. when the body is sick If you drink coffee Coffee contains caffeine which causes dehydration in the body. symptoms of extreme exhaustion And the more people have diarrhea, the more it will also cause severe diarrhea. And if the body is dehydrated, it will reduce the efficiency of recovery.

4. cracker

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Crackers are easy snacks. Convenient to take anywhere. Instead, it’s made with refined white flour, which can turn into sugar very quickly. And if the body gets a lot of sugar, it will reduce the immune system, slow down recovery time, and eating crackers causes throat irritation. with more sputum

5. Orange juice

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Many friends may understand that When you have a cold or are sick, you should eat orange juice. because it contains vitamin C It helps strengthen the body to build immunity and helps nourish the skin even better. For people with flu or cough. Should avoid eating orange juice. The citric acid in citrus and orange juices can further irritate the throat.

6. Fried food

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These fried foods aren’t just throat irritants. The cough will increase and also cause nausea and vomiting. Because the oil in these chips will reduce the efficiency of digestion. and can also cause exacerbation of gastroesophageal reflux disease

7. Drinksalcohol


Alcohol has the effect of suppressing the immune system in the body. It causes low immunity of the body, and alcohol also dissolves the flu drug that is taken, making the drug unable to have the desired effect. Therefore, when ill, he should avoid drinking all types of alcohol.

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8. Various crunchy snacks


crunchy snacks that friends They like to eat each other with pleasure. If you are sick or have a cold, you should definitely avoid it. because it will create even more wounds in the throat making the bronchial tubes and throat inflamed even more also causing cough and sore throat

9. Spicy food

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Many friends when they have a cold or are sick. Often want to eat spicy food Do you want to drink broth, but eating spicy food will actually irritate the nasal tissue? have a stuffy nose more mucus Even when we eat it when we are not sick, we still have a runny nose, right? Therefore, waiting to recover from the disease is better.

All friends who are sick with the flu lately, avoid these foods first. Get well and want to eat, it’s not too late. And don’t forget to get plenty of rest. Also take care of your health.


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