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Did you know? with 8 benefits of gotu kola juice help with beauty

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gotu kolaIt is another medicinal plant that has immense benefits. It is considered a very suitable plant for making drinks in the summer. because it helps to put out the heat well But today we will ask to penetrate. 8 benefits of gotu kola juice that helps with beautytogether

Know the types of Gotu kola leaves.

gotu kolaThere are 2 species together: Thai Gotu Kola and Sri Lankan Gotu Kola. But Thai gotu kola will be more popular.Sri Lankan variety due to the brighter color and larger leaf appearance When processed, it looks nicer to eat.

An easy way to prepare Gotu Kola juice

In fact, making Asian waterThere are many formulas together. But most of the time it’s different. adding various raw materials down to help with the taste to make it easier to eat such as honey, salt, lemon juice, syrup or other fruits and vegetables. See the simple recipe that P’Akeru wants to tell you about.

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raw material:

  • gotu kola
  • still water
  • mixer
  • thin white cloth


  1. Bring lotus leaf to clean water.
  2. Put it in a blender along with the water.
  3. Finely blended
  4. Pour into a white cloth with a secondary container to filter the residue.
  5. Season with ingredients that enhance the flavor such as salt, syrup, honey to taste.
  6. Refrigerate to chill before eating.

Benefits of gotu kola juice
help with beauty

As I said, Gotu kola is a plant that has many benefits. But it has a bitter taste that is quite difficult to eat. Today we will present 8 benefits of gotu kola that helps with beauty May girls have the encouragement to drink more Gotu Kola water.

1. Helps restore youth to the face.

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Because in the roots and leaves of Gotu kola there areasiatic acid (Asiaticoside) in whichIt is a substance that helps strengthen the outer skin Make your skin firmer. and beyond the constructionElastin, which is a substance that helps the skin appear hydrated, youthful and also reduce wrinkles

2. Helps relieve bruising in bruises and helps the wound heal faster.

This advantage, in addition to being suitable for adventurous type girls until the wound is also a suitable memory for girls who also like to enhance the beauty with the hand because in Asian leavesContains asiatic acid to help reduce swelling. Plastic surgery pain relief and helps heal surgical wounds to heal faster

3. Helps remove superficial crow’s feet

This is also a very simple way to do it.Take a cotton ball moistened with gotu kola water and apply it around the corners of your eyes or face. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and wash it off. This should be done every day before going to bed. So, friends You don’t have to rely on the doctor at the clinic to help you.

4. Treat acne problems

believe this advantage would have girls Many people already know each other well. why nowadaysThere are products from many brands that use gotu kola as an ingredient to treat acne Whether it’s a cream or a pill Ma P’Akeru would like to secretly whisper to advise girls to use cream products better. Dietary supplements can affect the liver in the long term.
Or another way is Take the residue obtained from the filtered water to mask the acne area and leave it for 15 minutes.It will help acne to collapse faster.

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5. Bring a face mask to brighten your skin.

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Gotu kola, as well as containing substances that increase skin collagen. There are also substances that help whiten the face and a simple method is used.Soak a cotton ball with Centella asiatica water and leave it on for about 15 minutes. That’s all, girls. will have a clear face and save money to buy face masks too

6. Help nourish hair to be beautiful. Without having to reconcile with the treatment

It is easy to do by bringing gotu kola juice to extract the gotu kola oil. Or use freshly squeezed gotu kola juiceGrease the scalp and hair, leave for 15-20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. In this way, various substances in Asian water will absorb to help.It nourishes the scalp and hair to be beautiful and shiny. Helps reduce hair loss problems and premature gray hair.

7. May help reduce stretch marks on the skin.

It is another very big problem, because if a girl is, I can guarantee that I will lose a lot of confidence, but Gotu Kola can help because Gotu Kola leavesContains triterpenoids. This will help prevent skin stretch marks. Including the treatment of stretch marks to fade.

8. Treat varicose veins

it is another problem that creates insecurity and discomfort for many young people, because if it is then left for a long time, it can be difficult to cure. what will Gotu kola beThere are asiatic acids and elastin which help build collagen for the skin. The tissue that causes varicose veins is reduced.there

How are you girls? Tell me this is right 8 benefits of gotu kola That just helps with the beauty. In fact, there are many, many more anyway. It is called a medicinal plant that really has universal properties. You conclude that, if possible, girls are advised to drink gotu kola juice every day. Because it will have good health from the inside out.

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