Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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How Facebook can reinvent itself – 3 ideas from academia

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Testimony Before Congress After disclosure of personal information misused by a third party It raises questions about how social media companies should be regulated and whether it is appropriate. but lack of regulation Companies can take steps to address privacy concerns and how their platforms are being used to disseminate false information to influence elections.

An academic in digital privacy and trust has written to The Conversation about concrete ideas. some of which are completely different from the company’s current business model. which the company can use immediately

1. Act like a media company

Facebook is very active in US society and civil society around the world, says Bhaskar Chakravorti of Tufts University, who led a multi-year global study on the spread of digital technologies and the number of people who trust them. It is recommended that the company be recognized as a media company, therefore

“Responsible for published and republished content. It can combine both humans and artificial intelligence to organize content, identifying news, opinions, hearsay, research and other types of information in a way that the average user can understand.”

2. Focus on the truth

Facebook may then accept the missions of journalism and surveillance organizations. And, as suggested by American University scholars of public accountability and digital media systems Barbara Romzek and Aram Sinnreich.

“Start competing to deliver the most accurate news. instead of the most clickable news source. and the most reliable news source rather than the most exciting source of news.”

3. Reduce Users in Agreement

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If Facebook wants to continue to monetize user data, suggests Scott Shackleford, a legal and ethics scholar at Indiana University.

“Flip[ping] Relationships and getting Facebook to pay people for their data [which] maybe [worth] Up to $1000 per year for the average social media user.”

This multi-billion dollar company has a chance to find new routes before citizens and lawmakers get involved.

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