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First of all, if you have suffered a motorcycle accident, Contact us without obligation, we are expert motorcycle accident lawyers and THE CONSULTATION IS FREE. It is very important to do it before they are fulfilled 72 hours.

In a motorcycle accident it is important that you have the friendly accident declaration signed by the drivers. The motorcyclists, when they have suffered the collision, are on the ground without being able to move (the police usually come, remove the crowd and the ambulance comes to transport them to the hospital).

Dispose of report and emergency report are the necessary evidence to claim compensation for injuries (within the first 72 hours of the accident).

As lawyers specialized in motorcycle accidents, we are very aware of this type of accident when using motorcycles as a means of professional transportation. Members of the office have been victims of motorcycle accidents and, unfortunately, we are surrounded by accidents in which riders have been hit or have been passed incorrectly, causing them to fall. without causing a collision of the at-fault vehicle.

Non-collision accident, what to do

What happens if a motorist has an accident no collision with another vehicle? The laws protect motorists against the reckless actions of lane invasioncoming from an opposing vehicle that performs a incorrect overtaking maneuver or skip a give way, a stop or a traffic light. In this office we have successfully advised on these examples and others.

Our recommendation is that Call us, we will advise you on your first consultation FREE OF CHARGE and, having analyzed your accident, it is very likely that we can Work towards success in the claim.

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Injuries: the importance of a lawyer specialized in motorcycle accidents

Motorcycle accident victims suffer major injuries as the body receives the impact. You need to have a motorcycle accident lawyer with acquired legal knowledge.

The relationship between the injured party and the lawyer in a motorcycle accident is decisive and requires very close attention. Until the injuries are stabilized, you can undergo rehabilitation treatment. It must be analyzed with caution so that the consequences are insured according to the legal-medical criteria of the scale of the law of civil liability and insurance in the circulation of motor vehicles.

Regarding material damage due to a motorcycle accident, Motorists have fewer risks covered in their insurance policies compared to cars. We recommend that Use the legal defense of your accident insurance to hire a private lawyer. This will be in charge of carefully analyzing your case and will demand compensation for the damage caused. Remember that the legal defense of your motorcycle insurance guarantees money to pay the fees of the lawyer you choose. And our recommendation is that you choose a lawyer specialized in motorcycle accidents.

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And learn how to collect your compensation for a motorcycle accident.

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