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Pregnant moms know it! Child development in each trimester

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Pregnant mothers, have you ever wondered if Before the little one opened his eyes in that world How does he develop while in the womb? what size What kind of growth is there? Today P’Akeru will come to answer questions that all mothers should know. prepare for each stage What you can and cannot eat or what activities should be avoided for the benefit of all mothers.

When is it called “pregnancy”?

Most doctors start by counting the mother’s gestational age. After the second week onwards (counted as the first week after the end of the last menstrual period) because this is the time when the sperm embryo is incubated. or already fertilized with eggs On average pregnant women have a gestational age of about 1 – 38 weeks (about 9 months) Let’s see the development of the child in the 3 trimesters and the symptoms of pregnant women in each period.

3 trimester of fetal development

1st quarter, weeks 1 – 12

Weeks 1 – 4 Complete fertilization: The first week is not medically considered to be a real pregnancy. that after the last menstrual period To be fully pregnant during 1-4 weeks or months, this will begin to be fertilized. small nerve becomes the brain and spinal cord Your body will create the amniotic sac. The baby will be protected and get nourishment from here, sure enough. At the beginning of the 4th week, the organs gradually Form and grow. Also, pregnant mothers are recommended to eat food.DHA (DHA) or docosahexaenoic acid It is an omega-3 fatty acid found indeep sea fishVarious types like tuna, salmon, etc. to help your child’s brain and intelligence development in the future.

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Weeks 5 – 8 Build Nervous System and Brain: In the fifth week, the outer tissue begins to form the nervous system, starting with the brain, spinal nerves, glands, gradually becoming the skin, nails and teeth. The intermediate tissue forms the heart and circulatory system. Subsequently, the internal tissue forms the lungs, intestines, liver, pancreas, thyroid gland and excretory system. The mother will have a placenta that supplies oxygen and nutrients to the baby. By the 6th – 8th week, various organs will start to take shape. At the full 2 ​​months, the fingers and toes will start growing out of the arms and the legs will During this time, the mother will begin to get tired. easily exhausted and have morning sickness due to increased progesterone levels Some people may not sleep well. Recommended foods to eat areproteinfrom meat, milk, eggs folic acidsuch as beans, grains, potatoes, etc., efoods high in calcium such as milk, small fish, dried shrimp and black sesame, etc.

Weeks 9-12 What it looks like: At the 3rd month the baby will have all the organs. see the shape of the face more clearly Tongue and teeth begin to grow under the gums, the heart completes all 4 chambers, muscles and the nervous system begin to work together. Week 10 begins to have fingernails, toenails and thin hair. Together with the brain and heart they grow gradually. Through the ultrasound machine Week 11-12 The size of the baby is more than 1 1/2 inches long His little fingers will start to tighten and open. There was a twisted movement. Ears and eyes are in the right position. Mothers should eat.fresh fruit such as bananas, guava andFoods that contain vitamin B6 such as leafy greens, potatoes, eggs, and oranges. Canned foods should be avoided. Some marine fish because they can contain high levels of mercury.

2nd trimester, weeks 13 – 24

Week 13 -16 Know your baby’s gender: During this month, most mothers are very excited. Because they will surely know the gender of the little prince, whether it is male or female. from the pregnancy test they begin to see veins and organs through the thin skin. The lungs and respiratory system are developed. By week 14, your baby will start moving around, expressing emotions like frowning, finger sucking, urinating, eyelid movements and moaning. (The urine will be expelled and left in the amniotic sac.) Week 16, the little one will be about 4 1/2 inches. Legs are perfect. Mother’s throwing and nausea will be reduced.

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Weeks 17 – 20 Move More: It was a time when mothers were happy. because waiting for the little one to squirm You should always write it down. If your baby doesn’t move, you need to see a doctor right away. This is because the baby’s eyes begin to receive light. arms and legs can move more than before The body is constantly growing. The mother will begin to feel uncomfortable walking. because the abdomen extends to the front of the body. You need to walk carefully during this period. Foods to eat include high-fiber vegetables, meat, milk, iron-containing foods and fruits. Foods not to eat include cheese, pickles, seafood, and a small amount of starch.

Weeks 21 – 24 Answer Mom: Have you noticed that during this period the baby moves more than before? because the baby’s body moves more smoothly. At the 21st week of pregnancy, some mothers may have acne on their face. Caused by the sebaceous glands producing more oil. The way to take care of it is to wash your face at least 2 times a day and the cosmetics or skincare you use should also be oil-free. By week 23, your baby will enjoy moving more. Recognize loud noises from outside Body size is longer than about 11 inches and mothers often begin to have “edema” because the body produces more water than usual Causing the need to go to the bathroom often By the 24th week, the baby’s brain is growing. Now I’m starting to recognize the taste of nutrients.

3rd trimester, weeks 25 to 33 onwards

Weeks 25 – 28 Flash now: After having been aware of his surroundings for a long time through senses, sensations and sounds It’s time for the little guy to open his eyes. Because the eye system is almost fully developed. but still see only a blurry image As for the ears, they can distinguish which sound is which. During this time, mothers and fathers can invite the child to speak. Sing a song too for me to hear. She’ll recognize him slightly, now the little one’s handwriting is clearer. There are also more frequent clenched fists. His brain will grow to fill his skull.

29th – 32nd week, labor pains, labor warning: Your baby’s weight and size will increase. Average weight is about 1.3 kilograms, body is 15 inches long, lungs are fully grown. Enlarged brain and skull. At this time, the mother will begin to feel pain in the stomach. as a small warning sign because the uterus is contracting. The baby will begin to adjust its posture into the birthing position, head down. During this time, he will also kick more often. Sometimes the doctor will ask the mother to count how many times a day the little one is secretly naughty.

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Week 33 onwards Open your eyes to see the world: The baby has all the organs. full head of hair I’m waiting for the day when I open my eyes to see the world fully. This is when mothers start preparing for childbirth. The symptoms of the mother will start to be uncomfortable, sleep uncomfortably and have numbness in the fingers, wrists and feet, which need to be exercised by stretching often. Or you can soak in warm water for 5-10 minutes a day to help improve blood flow. If it’s week 37 and the baby hasn’t given birth yet. It’s not unusual. You can wait up to 41 weeks. It depends on both your and your mother’s availability.

When pregnant mothers already know. Don’t forget to pay attention and take care of yourself properly every trimester. So that our baby is born with a healthy body. Be sure to eat good and useful food. exercise properly and try to greet the little one in the stomach This method, in addition to helping the mother-child bond. warm and tight The mother’s mental health has also improved.

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