Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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Spread the word, 5 simple but effective ways to fight allergies! – AKERU

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It’s already winter and the weather is starting to change. Believe that anyone with allergies must suffer for sure. So we have to come prepared to protect ourselves a little. Too bad the beautiful weather like this made him ill with allergies. Let’s see how to prevent it.

Avoid things that cause allergies

The simplest thing is We need to know what we are losing. And try not to interfere with it. It’s a simple method that works best. But sometimes we can’t always avoid it, so we have to use other methods along with it.


Exercise is one of the great helpers in the fight against allergies. Exercise helps the body’s immune system function normally. Helps the immune deficient get back in strength. and also makes the body strong It can help prevent other diseases as well.

Eat fruits rich in vitamin C.

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Vitamin C helps relieve allergy symptoms. It prevents colds, allergies and helps strengthen the immune system. also in the body. Choosing to eat fruits that are high in vitamin C can also help strengthen the immune system. Fruits rich in vitamin C are pineapples, strawberries, guavas, oranges and apples.

get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep will give your body a good immune system. and also helps to wake up bright Have full energy and also ready to go to work every day But if not enough rest The immunity will decrease resulting in allergy easily.

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clean the house regularly

Dust in the house is one of the reasons we have allergies. Including dust mites which will also mix with the dust in your home Regularly cleaning your home or the area where you live will greatly reduce the incidence of allergies. When cleaning, don’t forget to cover your mouth to avoid dust.

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Health is the most important thing. Allergies are major issues that shouldn’t be overlooked. Don’t let your body weaken until your allergy returns. We feed your body to be healthy with 5 simple ways anyone can do it.

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