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The Best and Worst States to Be a Dentist, Doctor or Lawyer

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whether you are still studying to be a dentist opening the first clinic or you have had fillings for many years We have good news for you – you have made a great career choice! US News recently ranked dentistry as the #1 profession in the nation.

Dentists earn some of the highest salaries in the medical field and report above-average job satisfaction. So it’s easy to understand why. But it’s true for general dentists. Not everyone finds it so easy. And the reason may be as simple as location.

due to factors such as cost of living, confidence in the economy and the availability of affordable insurance in some areas Some states and regions are therefore better suited for working dentists than others. at the beginning of the year The Dental Products Report (DPR) ranked all 50 states to determine which states were worst and best for dentists.

to do this They considered 10 factors overall: median income, patient education level, overall well-being and the percentage of the population who visited a dentist within the past year. Some of the results were quite surprising.

the most

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We’ll start with some good news first. According to the DPR, the best state to practice dentistry is Minnesota! OK, maybe you didn’t guess. But it’s true. with strong economic sentiment A very low rate of uninsured residents (7.4 percent) and 75 percent of the population reported that they had visited a dentist in the past year. The North Star State may be America’s only dental haven.

Close behind is Iowa, while Minnesota has a higher median income than Iowa. Hawkeye State even has a lower rate of uninsured residents. This, combined with the relatively high level of education, makes it an excellent place to practice dentistry.

With a lower rate of uninsured residents (only 6 percent), Hawaii’s third place goes. (As if you needed another reason to go to Hawaii.) Nebraska’s low cost of living and high economic confidence put this state in fourth place. While above-average income puts Virginia in fifth place.


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Now for the bottom five. Wavin’ wheat might be fragrant in Oklahoma. But it ranks 45th with a very high rate of uninsured residents. (Surely up to 47 percent.) Sooner states, it may not be the ideal place for a dentist.

And you might want to think twice before packing your drilling gear and heading to Graceland. Because of its low median income and high uninsured housing rate, Tennessee ranked No. 46 on the DPR’s list, and after that it didn’t get much better for the South.

West Virginia ranks 47th with last place in overall well-being and economic sentiment. Arkansas and Mississippi ranked 48th and 49th, finishing last and second respectively at the most recent dental visits.

And coming in last, with a low ranking in every category on the list, was Louisiana. But don’t worry, Bayou State, you still have Mardi Gras, right?

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