Top Mortgage Lenders in Connecticut

Discuss the top mortgage lenders in Connecticut based on total loan volume.

Nearly 700 companies provided home loans in the state during 2021, with an overall funding volume of more than $58 billion.

But there is one company that can beat the competition. Although there is not much profit margin.

Yes, it’s Rocket Mortgage, the nation’s largest lender. which you probably already guessed

Read how other banks and mortgage lenders make leaderboards in Connecticut.

Top Mortgage Lenders in Connecticut (Overall)

ranking company name Loan Volume 2021
1. rocket mortgage $3.2 billion
2. chase $2.9 billion
3. Wells Fargo $2.3 billion
4. People’s Bank $2.1 billion
5. bank of america $1.8 billion
6. credit treasury $1.7 billion
7. US Bank $1.7 billion
8. consolidated loan $1.4 billion
9. webster bank $1.3 billion
10. high school $1.2 billion

As stated, 1st place goes to rocket mortgagewhich provides $3.2 billion in grants in Connecticut in 2021, according to HMDA data from Richie May.

That’s not surprising since they are the nation’s top mortgage lender overall.

In second place is Chase Bank, based in NYC. which has nearly $2.9 billion in capital Then it dropped a bit, with San Francisco-based Wells Fargo raising $2.3 billion.

Two other banks rounding out the top five are: People’s Bank and Bank of America

Citizens Bank is basically a local institution due to its headquarters in Providence. Rhode Island nearby

Including the bottom half of the top 10 credit treasuryUnited Bank, Total Mortgage (CT), Webster Bank, and United Wholesale Mortgage.

Webster Bank is based in Connecticut. with headquarters in Waterbury Connecticut

Top Mortgage Lenders in Connecticut (for home buyers)

ranking company name Loan Volume 2021
1. chase $1.3 billion
2. People’s Bank $1.1 billion
3. consolidated loan $918 million
4. Wells Fargo 898 million US dollars
5. US Bank 830 million US dollars
6. rocket mortgage 680 million US dollars
7. guarantee rate US$ 643 million
8. bank of america US$ 613 million
9. high school 590 million US dollars
10. Citibank 576 million US dollars

When it comes to home equity financing, Chase tops the list with $1.3 billion, followed by Citizens Bank with $1.1 billion and Total Mortgage with $918 million.

Fourth place went to Wells Fargo with $898 million, while US Bank took fifth place with $830 million.

The rest of the heavy hitters include Rocket Mortgage. guarantee rateBank of America, UWM and Citibank

Total Mortgage is headquartered in Milford. Connecticut This makes it the only Connecticut mortgage company in the group.

but other companies Many of the listed companies are also quite local. This is normal as homebuyers tend to be interested in local options when looking to buy a home.

Top Refinance Lenders in Connecticut (for existing homeowners)

ranking company name Loan Volume 2021
1. rocket mortgage $2.5 billion
2. chase $1.4 billion
3. Wells Fargo $1.3 billion
4. credit treasury $1.2 billion
5. bank of america $1.1 billion
6. People’s Bank 897 million US dollars
7. US Bank 806 million US dollars
8. webster bank US$ 788 million
9. freedom credit $773 million
10. united peoples bank $744 million

Excluding home equity loans and including only Refinance Rates and Term (and cash out refinancing) Rocket Mortgage Moves To First Place With $2.5 Billion In Support

That was ahead of everyone else, with in second place Chase managing just $1.4 billion in refiring in Connecticut.

In third place was Wells Fargo with $1.3 billion, followed by LoanDepot with $1.2 billion and Bank of America with $1.1 billion.

Others making the top 10 list include Citizens Bank, US Bank, Webster Bank, freedom creditand Bridgeport’s People’s United Bank.

So when it comes to refinancing There are 3 CT-based mortgage companies in total.

Top Rated Mortgage Lenders in Connecticut (by customer reviews)

Now let’s consider who the best Connecticut mortgage lenders are by focusing on customer reviews.

On Zillow, Total Mortgage has the most reviews (nearly 3,500 at last count) and a solid 4.90/5 rating.

But West Hartford, CT-based First World Mortgage Corp., and CT-based Avon, Norcom Mortgage, had a superior score of 4.97/5, with about 900 and 1,000 reviews, respectively.

There are also Newtown Savings Bank (4.94/5), Northeast Financial (4.98/5), and Luxury Mortgage (4.91/5). Each of these companies has a few hundred reviews on Zillow.

Then there are the big names like Rocket Mortgage (4.48/5), Citizens Bank (4.96/5), Wells Fargo (4.95/5), Chase (4.95/5), and Bank of America (4.82/5).

Clearly, there is no shortage of quality mortgage companies in and around Connecticut and beyond.

Take the time to collect quotes from local banks and credit unions. mortgage brokerAnd big household names too. Basically, the more quotes you get the more you save.

(photograph: Doug Kerr)

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