Top Mortgage Lenders in DC

Now it’s time to check out the top mortgage lenders in DC, the capital city of the United States.

In 2021, nearly 800 mortgage firms provide about $139 billion in home loans in The District.

That’s one of the bigger sums for the state, even though the District of Columbia isn’t a state.

However, there is only one… the top mortgage lender to rule the rest. And as you can guess, it’s a Rocket Mortgage.

Some local companies also made the top 10. Read on to find out who.

Top Mortgage Lenders in DC (Overall)

ranking company name Loan Volume 2021
1. rocket mortgage $8.4 billion
2. Penny Mac $6.4 billion
3. freedom credit $5.5 billion
4. believe $5.4 billion
5. Wells Fargo $5.1 billion
6. credit treasury US$ 4.7 billion
7. Mr. Cooper $3.3 billion
8. McLean Loan $3.1 billion
9. inter-coast mortgages $3.1 billion
10. high school $3.1 billion

in 2021 rocket mortgage Leads District of Columbia with $8.4 Billion Strong Contribution to HMDA Data from Richie May.

They followed from Los Angeles. Penny Mac With $6.4 Billion Leading Journalist Lender

in three is freedom credit with nearly $5.4 billion in revenue, followed by Truist with $5.1 billion and Wells Fargo with $4.7 billion.

Including the bottom half of the top 10 credit treasuryMr. Cooper McLean LoanCoastal Mortgage and United Wholesale Mortgage

Both McLean Mortgage and Intercoastal Mortgage can be considered local companies. Since they both call Fairfax, Virginia.

It’s always nice to see some local lenders shake it up with big national brands.

Top Mortgage Lenders in Washington DC (for Home Buyers)

ranking company name Loan Volume 2021
1. believe $2.5 billion
2. Penny Mac $2.4 billion
3. McLean Loan $1.9 billion
4. Wells Fargo $1.8 billion
5. inter-coast mortgages $1.7 billion
6. chase $1.4 billion
7. Caliber Home Loans $1.4 billion
8. Atlantic Coast Mortgage $1.4 billion
9. US Bank $1.4 billion
10. George Mason Mortgage $1.3 billion

If we focus on home buyerThe list has changed slightly. Both new names and new sequences.

First up is Truist with $2.5 billion in funding. This isn’t much of a surprise, as homebuyers tend to turn to banks rather than nonbank lenders for prime home purchases.

However, Pennymac was second with $2.4 billion in contributions, followed by McLean Mortgage with $1.9 billion.

Homebuyers seem to prefer using local options as they may give them peace of mind.

Fourth was Wells Fargo with $1.8 billion, and Intercoastal Mortgage was in the top five with $1.7 billion.

The other person included in the top 10 is Chase. Caliber Home LoansAtlantic Coast Mortgage, Federal Bank, and George Mason Mortgage.

They all had surprisingly similar home purchase totals.

Top Refinance Lenders in DC (For Existing Homeowners)

ranking company name Loan Volume 2021
1. rocket mortgage $7.1 billion
2. freedom credit US$ 4.5 billion
3. Penny Mac $4.1 billion
4. credit treasury $4.0 billion
5. Wells Fargo $3.1 billion
6. believe $2.8 billion
7. Mr. Cooper $2.5 billion
8. high school $2.0 billion
9. Navy FCU $1.9 billion
10. new race $1.8 billion

What about existing homeowners looking to refinance a mortgage? That list is also different.

Like the overall list, Rocket Mortgage is king with $7.1 billion in funding. That’s a good amount overall of them.

In second place was Freedom Mortgage with $4.5 billion. Also known as VA Loan Specialists.

Pennymac took third with $4.1 billion, followed by LoanDepot with $4 billion and Wells Fargo with $3.1 billion.

The best rest include Truist. Mr. CooperUnited Wholesale Mortgage, Vienna, Virginia Navy FCUand new race.

It’s not uncommon for current homeowners to use out-of-state lenders for refinancing, which concludes this list.

Best Mortgage Lenders in Washington DC

Now let’s talk about the best mortgage lenders in the District of Columbia based on customer reviews.

As always, I turned to Zillow for customer reviews. DC’s are pretty unique since none of these lenders are based in DC.

But they are local companies in neighboring states. including Maryland and Virginia

McLean Mortgage comes with an excellent 4.99/5 rating based on nearly 3,000 customer reviews, which is basically unbeatable.

Forbright Bank, based in Chevy Chase, has the second-highest number of reviews (about 1,500) and a pretty solid 4.82/5 rating.

Then there’s Bethesda, Maryland’s Presidential Bank, and its superior 4.99/5 rating is clearly flawless. Based on about 750 reviews

Based on McLean Aurora Financial Navy Federal Credit Union has a similar number of reviews, but has a 4.7/5 rating, while Navy Federal Credit Union has a 4.22/5 rating based on just 100 reviews.

There’s also Bethesda’s Mortgagestar, which has a perfect 5/5 rating from over 200 reviews, and Potomac Trust Mortgage of Alexandria, VA, 4.91/5.

There are good options There are plenty of places to apply for a home loan in The District, be sure to include local. mortgage broker in your search too.

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