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Top Mortgage Lenders in Georgia

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It’s time to review the top mortgage lenders in Georgia based on loan volume in 2021.

These mortgage companies rank above thousands of other lenders for the top prize.

In total, about $160 billion in home loans were funded in The Peach State last year. This makes this state one of the larger states across the country.

Also number 1 was Rocket Mortgage, the nation’s largest mortgage lender.

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Read on to see which companies make the top 10.

Top Mortgage Lenders in Georgia (Overall)

ranking company name Loan Volume 2021
1. rocket mortgage $12.2 billion
2. Penny Mac $6.6 billion
3. Wells Fargo $5.3 billion
4. believe US$ 4.7 billion
5. high school US$ 4.7 billion
6. Ameris Bank $4.0 billion
7. new race $3.9 billion
8. freedom credit $3.8 billion
9. AmeriHome Mortgage $3.5 billion
10. independent fairway $3.1 billion

according to detroit rocket mortgagewhich is the country’s largest mortgage lender There were $12.2 billion in home loans in Georgia last year.

That’s almost twice that of its closest competitor. Penny Macper HMDA information from consulting firms Richie May.

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SoCal-based Pennymac funded about $6.6 billion in the state last year. and only one-third come from retail channels.

Mostly, they provide loans through agent lending channels. (Through small banks and credit unions) and through mortgage brokers in wholesale channels.

in other words Your loan may be from another company. But sponsored by Pennymac.

In third place was Wells Fargo, based in San Francisco. It received $5.3 billion in funding. Which is another good one, even if it’s controversial.

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Close behind were Truist Financial and United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM), both with about $4.7 billion in capital.

In sixth place was Atlanta, Georgia’s Ameris Bank, with a record $4 billion in home loan volume.

Newrez ranks seventh with $3.9 billion, followed by freedom creditAmeriHome and Fairway Independent Mortgage

Top Mortgage Lenders in Georgia (For Home Buyers)

ranking company name Loan Volume 2021
1. Penny Mac $3.5 billion
2. rocket mortgage $2.6 billion
3. Ameris Bank $2.4 billion
4. high school $2.3 billion
5. Home Star Financial $2.2 billion
6. believe $2.1 billion
7. independent fairway $2.1 billion
8. Wells Fargo $1.9 billion
9. new race $1.9 billion
10. AmeriHome Mortgage $1.9 billion

If we consider only home loans The list will change slightly and a new name will appear.

Pennymac is the #1 home lender in Georgia with $3.5 billion, followed by Rocket Mortgage with $2.6 billion.

Ameris Bank came in third with $2.4 billion. This means that about 60% of the total mortgage business is home equity financing.

Fourth was UWM with $2.3 billion, followed by Gainesville direct lender to GA Homestar Financial with $2.2 billion in origination volume.

Others in the top 10 include Truist Financial, independent fairwayWells Fargo, Newrez and AmeriHome

Top Refinance Lenders in Georgia (for existing homeowners)

ranking company name Loan Volume 2021
1. rocket mortgage $9.5 billion
2. freedom credit $3.3 billion
3. Penny Mac $3.1 billion
4. Wells Fargo $3.1 billion
5. high school $2.4 billion
6. believe $2.2 billion
7. credit treasury $2.2 billion
8. Mr. Cooper $2.0 billion
9. new race $2.0 billion
10. better home loan $1.8 billion

Now let’s talk about the largest refinance lender in Georgia. As expected, Rocket Mortgage was funded by $9.5 billion.

That’s almost three-seconds of Freedom Mortgage’s $3.3 billion, proving how active they are in the state.

In third place was Pennymac with $3.1 billion, followed by Wells Fargo with the same amount.

In fifth place is UWM with $2.4 billion. This is a strong performance as they only work with mortgage brokers through wholesale channels.

The rest of the top 10 are financial trusts. credit treasury, Mr. Cooper, new raceand struggling lenders better home loan.

Top Mortgage Lenders in Atlanta

ranking company name Loan Volume 2021
1. rocket mortgage $8.7 billion
2. Penny Mac US$ 4.2 billion
3. Wells Fargo $4.0 billion
4. high school $3.7 billion
5. believe $3.7 billion
6. Ameris Bank $3.1 billion
7. new race $3.1 billion
8. AmeriHome Mortgage $2.6 billion
9. freedom credit $2.4 billion
10. credit treasury $2.4 billion

Who Are The Best Georgia Mortgage Lenders?

I often go to Zillow and check customer reviews to determine which mortgage companies perform best in each state.

Here’s what I found for Georgia, based on Atlanta. AmeriSave Rated 4.68/5 based on over 2,400 reviews, not the best rating. But it’s the most critical.

And then there’s Atlanta. Silverton Mortgagerated above 4.94/5 based on approximately 1,200 reviews.

What’s more, Ameris Bank’s rating is 4.95/5 based on nearly 900 customer reviews, and Atlanta lender First Option Mortgage is 4.97/5 based on approximately 1,000 reviews.

Honorable Mention goes to Capital City Home Loans and scores 4.96/5 based on 300 reviews.

For big national brands, Rocket got a 4.48/5 rating, Pennymac a 4.4/5 rating, and Wells Fargo a 4.95/5 rating.

So it seems like there are plenty of options whether you use a Georgia mortgage lender or a national brand.

Be sure to check locally too. mortgage broker to see what they can offer

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