Top Mortgage Lenders in Oklahoma

It’s time to check out the top mortgage lenders in Oklahoma based on closed loan volume.

These are the companies that fund the largest amount of home equity loans in the Sooner State.

More than 700 mortgage companies funded approximately $33 billion in home loans in the state during 2021.

In terms of the nominees, they are very even. The two companies raised similar amounts of funds.

But only one can hold the crown. Read on to see who clinched the top spot along with who landed in the top 10.

Top Mortgage Lenders in Oklahoma (Overall)

ranking company name Loan Volume 2021
1. US Bank $1.7 billion
2. rocket mortgage $1.7 billion
3. First United Bank $1.3 billion
4. arwest bank $1.1 billion
5. Wells Fargo $1.1 billion
6. Related Mortgage 925 million US dollars
7. AmeriHome Mortgage 892 million US dollars
8. corner home loan 878 million US dollars
9. Penny Mac 853 million US dollars
10. Gateway Mortgage 840 million US dollars

As noted, things were very tight at the top, but US Bank surpassed Rocket Mortgage for No. 1.

The two companies generated about $1.7 billion in home loans in Oklahoma in 2021, according to HMDA data from Richey May.

But US Bank did a little more than that. However, Rocket closed more loans by about 9,500 versus 8,800.

Third was Durant, Oklahoma’s first United Bank, with $1.3 billion, followed by Arvest Bank and Wells Fargo, each with about $1.1 billion.

The bottom half of the top ten were Associated Mortgage Corp., AmeriHome Mortgage, Cornerstone Home Lending, Pennymac and Gateway Mortgage Group.

Oklahoma’s Top Mortgage Lenders (For Home Buyers)

ranking company name Loan Volume 2021
1. US Bank $1.3 billion
2. First United Bank 899 million US dollars
3. Related Mortgage US$ 719 million
4. AmeriHome Mortgage US$ 660 million
5. corner home loan US$ 613 million
6. Gateway Mortgage 593 million US dollars
7. arwest bank 585 million US dollars
8. Wells Fargo 530 million US dollars
9. Penny Mac US$ 512 million
10. Ban First US$ 423 million

If we filter the list to include only home equity loans, US Bank extends top lead with $1.3 billion in funding

That’s more than second-placed First United Bank’s $899 million and nearly double Associated Mortgage’s $719 million.

Fourth place went to AmeriHome with $660 million in funding, followed by Cornerstone with $613 million.

The best rest include Gateway Mortgage Group, Arvest Bank, Wells Fargo, Pennymac, and Oklahoma City, OK-based BancFirst.

Top Refinance Lenders in Oklahoma (for existing homeowners)

ranking company name Loan Volume 2021
1. rocket mortgage $1.3 billion
2. freedom credit US$ 677 million
3. Wells Fargo US$ 486 million
4. arwest bank US$ 468 million
5. BOK Financial US$ 411 million
6. First United Bank US$ 396 million
7. US Bank US$ 368 million
8. Penny Mac US$ 341 million
9. credit treasury US$ 287 million
10. Mortgage Clearing House Company US$ 284 million

When it comes to mortgage refinancing, Rocket Mortgage easily tops the list with $1.3 billion in funding.

That’s almost double that of Freedom Mortgage, which specializes in government loans like VA loans.

Wells Fargo came in third with nearly half a billion in refinancing, followed by Tulsa-based Arvest Bank and BOK Financial.

First United Bank, US Bank, Pennymac, loanDepot and Mortgage Clearing Corp., based in Tulsa, hold positions six through 10.

Top Mortgage Lenders in Oklahoma City

ranking company name Loan Volume 2021
1. US Bank 995 million US dollars
2. corner home loan US$ 666 million
3. rocket mortgage US$ 657 million
4. First United Bank US$ 559 million
5. Wells Fargo US$ 523 million
6. AmeriHome Mortgage US$ 446 million
7. freedom credit US$ 433 million
8. Penny Mac US$ 393 million
9. Gateway Mortgage US$ 331 million
10. BOK Financial US$ 304 million

Who Are The Best Mortgage Lenders In Oklahoma?

The biggest thing is one But what about the best? for the latter I’ll look at customer reviews to see what homeowners think of all of these companies.

And I usually go to Zillow to check out their mortgage reviews.

The most reviewed Oklahoma lender on the site is Gateway Mortgage, which has a 4.96/5 star rating based on nearly 5,000 reviews.

quite stable While not as good as BOK Financial’s 4.97/5 rating based on approximately 4,000 reviews.

As far as companies in Oklahoma operate. These are big companies in terms of reviews. It went down a bit from there.

Meanwhile, US Bank has an even better rating of 4.98/5 based on over 12,000 reviews, Rocket Mortgage has a 4.48/5, First United has a 4.97/5 and Arvest Bank has a 4.99/5.

There are several smaller local mortgage companies and brokers to check out as well.

Take the time to compare the different options available to you, whether it’s a local credit union, mortgage broker, regional bank or even a mortgage broker. or national brand

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