What does a car accident lawyer do?

Car accident attorneys help victims with personal injury claims and claim compensation for damage caused by other drivers. Car accidents can result in serious injuries that can take years to heal. and in many cases The victim will never fully recover.

If you are injured in an accident and you are not at fault A car accident attorney can help you build your case and file a claim in no time. The team at John Foy & Associates can begin building your case with free consultations.

What can a car accident lawyer do for your case?

The main goal of a car accident attorney is to get you financially compensated to cover your expenses, such as:

  • medical expenses
  • Car repair or replacement
  • pay
  • permanent disability
  • pain and suffering
  • loss of association

A car accident attorney is a personal injury attorney who specializes in automobile accident tort law. There are a number of ways they can help you get the highest possible payout.

Here are some of the key things a car accident attorney does when working with injured drivers.

help you understand your rights

Most people are unaware of the personal injury laws associated with motor vehicle accidents. It’s completely understandable if you don’t know what all your rights are.

If you were not at fault in a car accident You shouldn’t have to pay for any damages caused. Car accident injury laws vary from state to state. In Georgia, the party at fault in an injured accident is liable for all damages. and the injured party may seek compensation for its own damage, in accordance with OCGA § 51-1-6.

Your attorney can pursue all applicable laws applicable to your case. They will help you understand what your rights are and how you can legally protect yourself. Insurance companies are skilled at making you think you have little choice in your litigation. However, you may have more power than you think.

offer legal advice

After you have an accident You might get a lot of advice. Maybe you look online and see an article that talks about one thing. Then you talk to a friend or family member. And they give you their opinion on what you should do. It can quickly become confusing and leave you wondering how to best handle your case.

Turning to a car accident injury lawyer is often the best place to start. A car accident attorney knows what should happen after a car accident. They have spent years studying, training and hands-on experience in car accident claims. They can detail your case and give you the best advice on how to request all the financial recovery you need.

Find an attorney with experience in car accidents. If you want to have the best chance of success in a car accident case

Negotiate to settle a fair deal.

A lot of work and investigations lead to successful car accident claims. Accident attorneys work behind the scenes to build a strong case for you and fight for your rights. They can help you:

  • Check the details of your accident.
  • Gather all relevant information. including pictures police report witness testimony and proof of damage
  • Create and file a personal injury claim against the driver’s at-fault insurance company.
  • Negotiate for a fair settlement if the insurance company tries to discount you.
  • File a lawsuit if the insurance company refuses to negotiate.
  • Manage all stages of the trial
  • Represent you in court with the aim of getting all your compensation back.

represent you in court

Fortunately, most car accident cases are resolved well before going to court. Insurance companies are more likely to offer plaintiffs a fair settlement with an accident attorney. Even if you end up filing a lawsuit. Your lawyer will likely reach an agreement with the insurer before the trial.

However, if you have to go to court A car accident lawyer will be by your side throughout the entire ordeal. They will fight ruthlessly for your right to receive compensation. Experienced attorneys are not intimidated by insurance companies and their tactics. They will be ready for whatever the insurer brings to the table.

A car accident attorney can help you collect hard-to-prove evidence on your own.

Most people don’t realize how much work a car accident lawyer does when working on a case. Here are some additional jobs they do that you might not have thought of until you decided to hire your attorney.

Investigate the case completely

In addition to examining evidence such as pictures and testimony from witnesses from the accident, A car accident lawyer may also call on several outside professionals. including retired police officers or their own investigators.

Your lawyer may reconstruct the scene of the accident. If there is a question about how some of the accidents happened They are not afraid to go the extra mile (and some) to create the strongest case possible.

Your attorney or their investigative team will visit your crime scene to conduct observations and gather available evidence. They will receive a copy of your accident report and review your medical history related to your injury.

Estimate your total damage.

It is common practice to only consider expenses immediately following an accident. Your lawyer will look at all the ways the accident will affect you now and in the future. They will consider current and future medical expenses. How does your injury affect your ability to work? and the emotional impact of the accident.

After considering all your losses. Your car crash lawyer will calculate the most accurate estimate of your total damage. This assessment of your damage ensures that you will not be charged for the cost of an accident that you did not consider.

Insurance companies will definitely not help you in this area. So your best bet is to hire a car accident lawyer who knows what they are doing.

Call a medical professional.

Some car accident attorneys maintain professional relationships with medical professionals who can provide helpful services for your claim. They may also have a good knowledge of serious injuries and the best specialist to call for your treatment options.

Do I need a lawyer for a car accident?

Even can always show your identity after a car accident. but not recommended As with other professions, training and experience put car accident attorneys in a much better position to get the money you need after a collision.

Although you’ll need to pay an attorney if you’re receiving compensation. in most cases Accident victims who hire lawyers still pay more than those who represent them.

One of the best things about hiring a car accident attorney is that you can do it risk-free. These lawyers usually work for a contingency fee. This means they will only get paid if you collect compensation. When you win, your lawyer will receive a percentage of your settlement. That means you’ll always be released first and you won’t have to pay outright attorney fees.

Is it worth hiring a car accident lawyer if your accident is minor?

A car accident attorney can help even if your car accident is minor. It protects you from legal claims that the other party may try to blame you for the accident to deny their responsibility.

An attorney can also review your claim to make sure you’re filing a claim for all the damages you’re entitled to. They also know experts to hire and collect evidence to help you build the strongest case possible. possible

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