What does JP mean? (social media slang)

Photo and video sharing websites are on the rise. Although sharing photos and videos is fun, But it can be daunting for newcomers. Especially when they use jargon like JP. However, this article will help you.

What does JP mean?

‘JP’ is an abbreviation for “Just Play”.

For example, Snapchat users can speak to follow up on previous messages or comments.

The preceding message or comment may seem strange, vague, or annoying. It’s funny when followed by ‘JP’.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be funny and have you rolling on the floor laughing.

It’s a tactic to make others not feel offended by your previous words or comments.

If the situation calls for it Sometimes you can explain yourself.

“Hey friend JP” I wasn’t being serious! You can say.

That last statement diminishes the importance of what you said earlier.

In contrast to ‘JK’ which is common on most platforms, ‘JP’ can be difficult to guess long patterns.

Most newcomers are confused and struggle to decipher the meaning.

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How is ‘JP’ used?

On Snapchat, you can use ‘JP’ in the same way you would in a face-to-face conversation.

It’s a short statement. That you weren’t serious about what you said earlier.

In a formal conversation Do not use it to mean just playing. Maintain professional language and demeanor.

However, this is not an apology. It just shows that you don’t want the other person to feel offended. Even if you feel dissatisfied!

When you’re in a Snapchat conversation with a friend, ‘JP’ is a great way to try and retract your previous message without actually doing so.

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When should you use ‘JP’ on Snapchat?

‘JP’ is a good way to dismiss messages or comments that you don’t value.

Here are some examples of how to use abbreviations on Snapchat:

When you want to alleviate a direct insult by insinuating that it’s a joke. Even if you mean them.

When you talk to the preps and realize you said something stupid.

If you are playing a prank on someone

When you’re serious But you know what you said hurts.

If you admit something and the other person gets angry or laughs at you,

When making a statement or asking a question and relying on the next statement based on the other person’s answer.

How to respond when you receive a “JP”

If you receive ‘JP’ you can reply with a sigh or a funny emoji.

It shows that their words or messages did not offend you.

Their previous words can be hurtful at times. You can express your disbelief and express your pain.

The sender may also apologize and apologize. You can ignore or block them if they bother you.

‘JP’ in other contexts

The abbreviation ‘JP’ stands for “Jurassic Park,” a dinosaur thriller.

It is a revolutionary film, with Fallen Kingdom being the latest sequel.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What does JP stand for?

justice of peace

2. What does JP mean in the text?

Just for fun

3. Is JP a word?

No, it’s an abbreviation.

4. JP stands for what law?

justice of peace

5. Is JP an abbreviation for Japanese?

If you add ‘Y’, it stands for Japanese Yen.

Additional FAQs

6. What does JP mean at the end of the name?


7. What does GTS mean in the text?

go to sleep

8. What does OTP mean in sending a message?

One-time password, over the phone, or one physical pair

9. What does OTP mean?

One time password

10. What does FFT stand for?

Offering fair trade Financial time or feet

Slang and social media are almost inextricably linked.

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Weird abbreviations pop up every day as users embrace them.

We hope this article has informed you.

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