What Position Does Messi Play?

What Position Does Messi Play

What Position Does Messi Play?

Unraveling Lionel Messi’s Versatility and Impact on the Field

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Discover the answer to the question “What position does Messi play?” as we delve into Lionel Messi’s versatile playing style, exploring the positions he excels in and the impact he has on the field. From his days at Barcelona to his current club, this article provides an in-depth analysis of Messi’s preferred positions and the unique qualities he brings to each role.


Lionel Messi, one of the greatest footballers of all time, is known for his exceptional skills, agility, and unmatched game intelligence. He has mesmerized fans across the globe with his ability to score goals, create opportunities, and make the game look effortless. As we explore the question “What position does Messi play?” we’ll dive into the various roles Messi has occupied throughout his illustrious career, analyzing his preferred positions, strengths, and the impact he brings to his team.

The Attacking Maestro: What Position Does Messi Play?

Lionel Messi’s playing style has allowed him to flourish in several positions on the field. While his preferred position is as a forward or attacking midfielder, his versatility enables him to adapt to different roles and make a significant impact in various positions.

1. Striker: Leading the Line with Grace

When deployed as a striker, Messi’s ability to find spaces and exploit defensive weaknesses is unparalleled. His exquisite ball control, quick feet, and agility make him a nightmare for defenders. Messi’s natural instinct for positioning himself in dangerous areas and his clinical finishing skills enable him to score goals consistently, making him a lethal threat inside the penalty area.

2. Attacking Midfielder: Orchestrating the Offense

As an attacking midfielder, Messi acts as the creative force behind the team’s offensive maneuvers. His impeccable vision, precise passing, and remarkable dribbling allow him to dissect defenses and create scoring opportunities for his teammates. From this position, Messi combines his exceptional playmaking abilities with incisive runs and accurate long-range shots, often leaving opponents dumbfounded.

3. Winger: Utilizing Speed and Skill on the Flanks

Deployed as a winger, Messi’s electrifying pace and exceptional dribbling make him a constant threat on the flanks. His ability to cut inside from the wing onto his favored left foot is a trademark move that has become synonymous with his playing style. As a winger, Messi utilizes his speed, close ball control, and deadly accuracy to deliver pinpoint crosses, take on defenders one-on-one, and create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates.

Messi’s Preferred Positions: Where Does He Thrive?

While Messi has showcased his brilliance across various positions, certain roles have allowed him to shine brighter than others. Let’s explore the positions where Messi thrives and leaves an indelible mark on the game.

1. False Nine: A Tactical Masterpiece

The false nine position has been instrumental in unlocking Messi’s full potential. Playing as a false nine, Messi operates as a deep-lying forward, dropping into the midfield to create space, pull defenders out of position, and contribute to the build-up play. His exceptional dribbling skills and quick decision-making enable him to penetrate defensive lines, making him a constant threat in front of goal.

2. Playmaker: Weaving Magic in Midfield

Messi’s ability to control the game from midfield is nothing short of extraordinary. When deployed as a playmaker, he seamlessly combines his vision, passing accuracy, and intelligent movement to orchestrate his team’s attacks. From this position, Messi not only provides assists but also dictates the rhythm of the game, manipulating defenses with his intricate passes and subtle touches.

3. Free Roaming: Unleashing Creativity

In certain matches, coaches grant Messi the freedom to roam across the attacking third, allowing him to exploit spaces and wreak havoc on the opposition. This role gives Messi the license to drift wide, drop deep, and interchange positions with his teammates. His freedom to roam enables him to be involved in multiple phases of play, making it challenging for defenders to track his movements and nullify his impact.

FAQs about Lionel Messi’s Position

To shed further light on the question “What position does Messi play?” here are some frequently asked questions along with their answers:

Q1: Does Messi have a fixed position?

A1: While Messi has preferred positions, his versatility and adaptability allow him to excel in various roles depending on the team’s tactical setup and the coach’s instructions.

Q2: Can Messi play as a central midfielder?

A2: Although Messi has occasionally dropped into a central midfield role, his skill set and impact are maximized in positions closer to the opposition’s goal.

Q3: Is Messi primarily a goal scorer or a playmaker?

A3: Messi’s versatility enables him to excel in both aspects. While he has a remarkable goal-scoring record, his playmaking abilities are equally exceptional.

Q4: Which position did Messi play during his time at Barcelona?

A4: Messi played in different positions at Barcelona, but he predominantly occupied the false nine and right-wing roles, showcasing his incredible skills in both areas.

Q5: How has Messi’s position evolved over the years?

A5: As Messi has matured as a player, his position has evolved to allow him to contribute in various ways. From a young winger, he transformed into a complete attacker and playmaker.

Q6: Can Messi’s position change in the future?

A6: As Messi continues his career, it’s possible for his position to evolve further, depending on the team’s needs and his own physical capabilities.


In conclusion, the question “What position does Messi play?” doesn’t have a simple answer. Lionel Messi’s exceptional versatility, skill set, and footballing intelligence allow him to excel in multiple positions on the field. Whether he’s leading the line as a striker, orchestrating the offense as an attacking midfielder, or utilizing his speed and skill on the flanks as a winger, Messi consistently leaves a lasting impact on the game. His preferred positions, such as the false nine and playmaker, have showcased his brilliance and revolutionized the way the game is played.

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