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What should I do!! When coughing in early pregnancy

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Many women are probably more concerned about their health during pregnancy than usual. and some symptoms really can’t be let go, includingcough that can affect the unborn child even with small amount. But mothers need to take care and prevent themselves from serious diseases. Today Akeru would like to introduce the causes of cough in early pregnancy and what to do.

Causes of cough in early pregnancy

#1 Cold temperature

In general, when cough occurs A pregnant mother may have a cold. The main reason is the good virus! which causes cough due to sore throat. If you catch a cold during your first trimester, it can affect your unborn baby. Therefore, taking cold medicines should be avoided at discretion. Hurry to see a doctor and consult a specialist in the obstetrics department. it will be the best

#2 Nausea

in early pregnancy many pregnant mothers Tend to feel nauseous due to morning sickness Because at this time stomach acid can reflux and go up the throat. This can make coughing easier. There are different levels of morning sickness depending on each person. Morning sickness can make you more sensitive to smells. (Depending on the person and the triggers that make coughing easier.) If you cough from nausea from morning sickness Your cough will lessen over time.

#3 Not drinking enough water

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During pregnancy, mothers need more water than usual. produce amniotic fluid in the body and provides nutrients to the fetus. In addition, vomiting due to morning sickness can facilitate water loss during pregnancy. When the body is prone to dehydration The mucous membranes in the throat dry out. easily cause bacterial and viral infections

Things expectant mothers need to watch out for when coughing

What’s the deal with a persistent cough in early pregnancy? Here are some things to keep in mind so expectant mothers can stay healthy and safe.

#1 Effects on the fetus

during pregnancy fetus It is protected by amniotic fluid. So basically the effect of a pregnant person’s cough. Therefore, it affects the baby a little bit in the womb. However, if the cough is too strong, the abdomen can be compressed and this can affect the condition of the fetus. If you don’t stop coughing, it can make you tired and your stomach can become painfully tight. If the mother coughs at night and does not get enough sleep she should consider getting early treatment.

#2 Urine leakage

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During pregnancy, the uterus grows. which puts pressure on the bladder. In this condition, urine may leak. because the cough will put more pressure on the abdomen Making the expectant mother’s body need more water than normal So she should drink often. To prevent urine leakage You may need to attach a sanitary pad to absorb urine.

What to do if the cough still doesn’t go away?

#1 See a doctor

If a pregnant woman notices her cough during this time Tell your cough doctor. You shouldn’t be prescribing medications to take on your own.

#2 Thorough throat self-care

Always wear a hygienic mask. and drink water frequently. If your throat gets dry easily, use a throat spray that can be used by pregnant women. to add moisture to the throat

#3 Wash your hands and rinse your mouth.

During pregnancy, wash your hands often. to prevent infection Bacteria and viruses can stick to your hands and mouth. In particular, it is important to wash your hands properly and rinse your mouth. When the pregnant mother comes home This is to prevent bacteria and viruses from causing infection.

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When washing your hands, make sure you whisk the soap well first. Then, wash your palms, back of your hands, fingertips, nails, thumbs and wrists for at least 5 seconds and finally rinse them all under running water. Rinse thoroughly to prevent the soap from sticking to your hands. Wipe the water off your hands with a clean towel.

When gargling, first add a small amount of water, gargle and exhale. Then put a small amount of water on your face, gargle and gargle. Gargle twice. Also, when clearing your throat, spend at least 15 seconds and create a squeaky picture. Learning to wash your hands properly and rinse your mouth is safe.

#4 She always cooks well

To prevent pregnant women from getting sick, avoid eating raw meat or fish in the meantime and try to eat cooked foods. Undercooked food is vulnerable to bacterial and viral contamination. They will die if heated. Therefore, pregnant women need to reduce the risks in their daily life as much as possible in order not to get sick.

During pregnancy, it is important to always take care and pay attention to our health. There is currentlyPrenatal diagnosis (NIPT) Check the health of the fetus so that pregnant mothers and families prepare for childbirth early. Who’s going to have a younger brother? or pregnant during this period. You can go and have a look.

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