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When instant life insurance quotes are not instant

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I received an advertising email yesterday offering an instant life insurance quote. because the company LifeInsure.com Our business is marketing and selling life insurance online. I thought I’d give it a try and see how one of our competitors performed.

I clicked on the link in the email that says “Get Instant Quote” and sent to the company’s website. which boldly states that “The price is ready for you immediately, no waiting.” I enter the zip code as requested. and we go

I’m greeted by a generic web form. Ask how much life insurance I want, how old I am, date of birth, height and weight, smoking and gender, which are required information for a life insurance quote. However, now comes the “instant” part of the “quote.” “Instant Life Insurance” starts to feel too sudden – the next section of the form asks for my name, address, home and work phone numbers, email address, and what serious illnesses have I experienced?

And the fishing begins!

Entering this information not only extends the definition of “immediately”, personal contact information is not required for instant quotes. Why are they asking me for all this information? more later

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Okay, I finally finished entering my personal information and clicked “Get Quote Now”, I was ready to see my quote. voila… hold on What is this? This is not an instant quote – this is a page with ads for other online life insurance agents. Some of which are nationally known and some I’ve never heard of.

I clicked on a nationally renowned company. Thinking that now I will look at my quote offered by this famous company.

Getting a quote doesn’t always mean getting a quote?

After that, the button will say “Receive Quotation” Hold on…There’s another form to fill out, similar to the one you filled out in the first place. Where is my life insurance quote?

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I said they would right away! Ok, I filled out another form and finally received my quote.

Maybe other nationally known companies Might as well give me an instant quote. So I clicked on their button. And another form appeared. I filled out the information (4 pages worth) and now I think with all the information I just entered. I’ll get a quote right away, unfortunately – I’m currently browsing more pages with ads for other life insurance companies.

I can click on one of the buttons and enter another. But I can’t take it anymore. I’m just testing and ready to throw my laptop to the wall. This was a very disappointing experience. What if I am a real consumer looking for an instant life insurance quote? Am I stuck around long enough to get a quote? Maybe not.

Immediately should mean immediately!

What happened to the contact information you provided on one of these types of websites? Sell ​​to other life insurance agencies (sometimes as many as eight) so they can call and email you in an attempt to earn money from your business. and if you fill out other forms that appear during this frustrating process. Other companies will sell your information to other agencies.

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Did you know that this happens when you click? “Get a quote now.” I dare to guess the answer is no. How do you know? After all, nowhere on this site does it say that your data will be sold.

bottom line

I’m glad I went through this exercise. I know how this kind of website works. But we don’t know how frustrating this process might be for consumers. The good news is that there are websites that provide instant online life insurance quotes. Moreover There are still some companies (LifeInsure.com included) that do not ask for your personal information in order to provide quotes.

Help reduce the hassle and get real life insurance quotes at LifeInsure.com

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