Z Zurich Foundation One Young World Summit 2024, Canada

The Z Zurich Foundation works together to create a brighter future for those less fortunate. Prevention is at the heart of our work. Our three pillars include: Climate change adaptation; Improving mental well-being and creating social equality It is an increasingly complex and urgent problem. which has a broad impact on individuals, communities, and society as a whole

The 2024 Z Zurich Foundation Scholarship will offer opportunities to 30 young leaders working on prevention-focused mental health programs. Climate resilience projects that focus on adaptation or projects that create social equity through education, employment, or entrepreneurial solutions. To join us at the One Young World Summit 2024, taking place in Montreal, Canada from September 18 – 21, if you are a young leader working to support these issues. This scholarship may be right for you.

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Applications closed: March 20, 2024

Value and duration of the award:

  • Access to the One Young World Summit 2024 in Montreal
  • Access to additional scholarship programs organized by the Z Zurich Foundation. This program is likely to include pre- and post-One Young World Summit sessions, as well as opportunities to meet and learn with the wider Z Zurich Foundation delegation. and an impact-focused development day on Sunday (September 22) of the conference week.
  • Accommodation in Montreal between September 17 and 23 (inclusive) September
  • Round-trip air travel.
  • Catering which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Ground transportation between the summit locations in Montreal

Eligible Countries: international country


  • Be 18 to 30 years of age at the time of the One Young World Summit 2024.
  • Passion for local and global issues
  • Demonstrate a commitment to creating positive change.
  • Willingness to participate and collaborate with fellow grantees and Zurich employees also attending the summit.
  • Demonstrated impact in areas aligned with the Z Zurich Foundation’s work includes:
    • Improving mental health
    • Enabling social equality
    • Adapting to climate change
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Source: https://www.oneyoungworld.com

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