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First of all, it is important to have a lawyer specialized in bicycle accidents. Only he will be in charge of ensuring your compensation through a legal and fair process.

A bicycle accident is an accident in which the person involved may suffer more injuries. Bicycles do not have the body protection that cars, trucks, buses, etc. have.

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However, you should know that if you suffer pain in the bike accident, you should go to WITHIN 72 HOURS FOLLOWING A HOSPITAL and obtain a medical report. It is the essential test for correctly claim compensation for your injuries.

An increasingly common accident

Accidents to cyclists are increasing due to new bike lanes. Sometimes, because the vehicle that hits the cyclist does not respect the lateral distance of 1.5 meters when overtaking or does not respect the right of way at a roundabout or invades the bike lane.

Therefore, with the changes to bike lanes, it is necessary to know your rights and know how to claim for injuries and damages from other vehicles. And to do this, it is best to have an expert lawyer in bicycle accidents.

The importance of having an expert bicycle accident lawyer

If you do not know them, the best option is to contact an expert bicycle accident lawyer. We will take care of everything: prepare documents proving injuries and damage to the bicycle and any damage caused by the accident. With a lawyer, you can start the claim against the insurance responsible for the accident, guaranteeing rights throughout the procedure. The lawyer will be in charge of advising you day by day, taking away the worry and claiming successfully.

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Therefore, bicycle accident cases are successful when prepared from the beginningproving with evidence what is rightfully his.

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And learn how to get your compensation for a bicycle accident.

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