Canada Scholarship Program 2024

The Educanada Scholarship provides $12,700 in funding to students from post-secondary institutions. To support tuition and living expenses

The EduCanada Scholarship aims to support students with short-term exchange opportunities for undergraduate and graduate study or research at Canadian institutions.

Canadian post-secondary institutions

Canadian institutions:

  • Submit an application on behalf of an eligible applicant.
  • Promote this scholarship opportunity to faculty and staff as well as partner institutions from eligible countries/territories.
  • Rank applications according to institutional strategic priorities.
  • Identify a single person responsible for submitting the application.
  • Signed a donation agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Trade and Development (DFATD) and allocate scholarship funds to successful applicants; and
  • Submit qualitative and quantitative reports during the scholarship period.

Scholarship recipient

Applicants interested in this scholarship program should:

  • Make their home institution interested
  • Find out if there are any institutional affiliations or exchange agreements between the home institution and the Canadian institution.
  • Request information from the home institution regarding the application process and specific selection criteria for the Canadian partner institution; and
  • Make sure the requirements are met.

print: Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, Doctoral degree

Applications closed: March 19, 2024

Value and duration of the award:

  • 10,200 CAD for college students Bachelor’s degree or graduate studies (Master’s and PhD) for at least four months or one semester or research; or
  • 12,700 CAD for graduate students (Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree) Study or research period of five to six months.

This is in addition to the funds DFATD allocates to grant recipients. The Canadian host institution will receive CAD 500 per grantee. To assist with administrative expenses upon the recipient’s arrival in Canada.

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Eligible expenses: Scholarship funds should be used to:

  • Visa or study/work permit fees
  • Airline tickets are available to grant recipients only on the most direct and economical routes.
  • health insurance;
  • Living expenses such as housing, utilities, and food
  • ground transportation including public transport tickets and
  • Books and equipment necessary for the recipient’s study or research Computers and other equipment not included.

Eligible Countries:

  • Asia: Bangladesh, Nepal, Taiwan;
  • Europe: Türkiye, Ukraine;
  • Middle East and North Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia;
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda;

feature: Applicants must:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time student at a post-secondary institution in an eligible country/territory.
  • Tuition fees are paid to that institution at the time of application and throughout the exchange period.

Applicants are not eligible:

  • If they have or have a pending application for Canadian citizenship or permanent residence
  • if they are already participating in a scholarship program funded by the Canadian government; and
  • If they are already enrolled in a degree, diploma or certificate program at a Canadian post-secondary institution.

Selection criteria: Eligible and complete applications will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Advantages of research or study to be conducted in Canada
  • Benefits to the home institution and co-workers
  • Benefits to Canadian institutions, supervisors and colleagues
  • the strength of the links that will be created through the proposed exchange; and
  • Rankings submitted by Canadian institutions

How to use: Canadian institutions submit all applications for scholarships in Canada on behalf of the applicant.

Canadian institutions should read the instructions carefully before beginning their online application.

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For more information, visit the Canadian International Scholarship Application Tool help webpage.

Guidance for Canadian institutions

Institutions having trouble completing or submitting the form should send an email to (email protected).

Canadian institutions must:

  1. Complete an online application for each applicant.
    • Institutions that do not have an account must first register an account.
    • Once the institution has logged into the account They should select the scholarship program in Canada in the section “For Non-Canadians” and click on “Apply Now”
    • Institutions can save their applications and complete them later. Both saved and submitted applications will appear on the institution’s profile page.
  2. Enter information in the fields marked as required and follow the instructions for each item.
    • The name of the applicant must be the same as it appears on the passport.
    • The official name of the applicant’s home institution must be specified in the national language.
  3. Upload all required documents
  4. Verify information before sending.
  5. Click Submit. The institution will receive a confirmation message and reference number once the form is submitted.
  6. Print the form to save using the print function in your browser.


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