Subway Accident Lawyer – Updated 2023

The first thing you should know is that it is necessary to have a lawyer specialized in subway accidents. He will be in charge of claiming your compensation through a legal and fair process.

A subway accident is one that occurs in the subway facilities. This can occur due to an accident on the train itself or due to an accident on the tracks, stairs or another place.

They usually cause injuries, so it is important that you contact us and we offer you A FREE FIRST ASSISTANCE to advise you without any obligation.

However, it is important that you know that, if after the accident you suffer pain, you should go to WITHIN 72 HOURS OF A HOSPITAL and obtain a medical report. It is the essential test for correctly claim compensation for your injuries. And to do this, it is best to have a lawyer specializing in subway accidents.

Subway Accident Lawyer: two types of accident

  • Accident in a subway car due to recklessness: he Metro and its insurer will be responsible for repairing the injuries and damages caused. contracted with Civil Liability insurance for accidents. One has to demonstrate with evidence that Metro has acted with fault or negligence and must repair the damage caused. The evidence will determine whether there is compensation or not and With a lawyer you can get it.
  • Accident on the subway without recklessness: it must be demonstrated that the accident occurred in the subway car, going up or down, and even in the subway station with access to public transport. The claim is made against the Mandatory Traveler’s Insurance (SOV) provided by the metro (in each transport pass or ticket, the traveler has contracted SOVI insurance). Therefore, if the accident exists and meets the legal requirements (ticket, transport pass, demonstrable accidentetc.) You can get compensation for your injuries. Of course, this legal information must be previously analyzed by your lawyer so that your claim complies with the legal terms.
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Therefore, If there is recklessness on the part of the metro, compensation must be paid for both insurances. (SOV and Metro Civil Liability). AND if there is no imprudence in the accident, you could get an indemnification only for the SOV. A lawyer specialized in subway accidents will be able to claim both compensations, guaranteeing a greater amount.

Take a look at the Madrid Metro Passenger Regulations to learn about the rights and obligations of users.

Or read how to collect your compensation for a subway accident.

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