Third-party checks and where you can cash them

If you’ve ever wondered what a third party check is? And where can you cash out? We will provide you with detailed and comprehensive information on everything you need to know. Let’s dive in!

Third Party Check

What is a third party check?

A third party check is a regular check with one special advance payment. Most checks consist of a double combination, which means that the check is made payable to one person or business from another person or business.

When using third-party checks The first payee hands the check to the third party. This allows third parties to pay the check.

Third-party checks pose a widespread danger of extortion. Which is why many people hesitate about money or even keep it.

In case someone loses the check they just received. It would be easy for an unwitting third party to find the lost check and secure themselves as the alternate payee.

The bank will be responsible for lost property. So you should expect a few more loops in case you want to send a third-party check.

Instructions for Endorsing Third-Party Checks

on the back of the check Typically, the person to be seen (the payee) signs the main line for the check to be disbursed.

Possibly with a third party check. The recipient of the money must specify: “Payment Request for X” where X is the third party – the person or business providing the check

The payee at that point signs the second line on the back of the check. Finally, the third person signs his or her name on the third line.

It is important to note that in this case you will need to pay by third-party check. You shouldn’t admit it until you’re in front of the employee or teller. Most places that pay third-party checks are required to honor your mark. Some may require the first payee to be included in the process.

Places that cash third-party checks

1. Banks and credit unions

When everything is done The most secure way to pay for third-party checks is to take them to a bank or credit union.

Your bank or credit union may certainly support you, however the focus of the deal may change from area to area. Sometimes both gatherings may be available to cash out the cheque.

In various cases, whether the money can be earned or the check collected depends on the vigilance of the branch head.

In addition to your own bank You may also have the option of paying with a third-party check at the issuing bank or credit union that issued the check.

Most banks will charge a receiving fee for the check in case you are not the record holder there.

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You should keep your store face to face regularly. (rather than through an ATM or multi-purpose store) and bring your official photo ID with you.

Each bank and credit union has different guidelines. It may be a good idea to call your nearby office and request information on how to handle receiving and collecting third-party checks before leaving.

Third Party Check

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Bank of America

  • Third Party Check Conditions: Third party check cashing and deposits are handled on a limited basis. Confirmation is at the discretion of the Money Center Manager at each Bank of America location. Both parties must be present to deposit the third-party check. Contact your local branch for information about the policy.
  • Non-customer charge: $8 for checks over $50.
  • Source: Customer Service
  • Find the nearest Bank of America.

BB&T Bank

  • Third Party Check Terms: Non-Customers may cash only third party checks collected from BB&T.
  • Cost for non-customers: Free for checks up to $50; $8 for checks over $50
  • Source: Customer Service
  • Find your nearest BB&T.


  • Third-Party Check Requirements: Non-customers may only cash third-party checks issued to Chase, subject to proper authorization. Incorrectly certified checks may result in costs, losses, or expenses.
  • Non-Customer Fee: $8 for checks over $50.
  • Source: Customer Service
  • Find the nearest chase

Chartway Federal Credit Union

  • Situations for Third Party Checks: Members may cash or deposit third party checks. Non-members can only cash checks issued on Chartway, including third-party checks.
  • Fee for non-customers: Free
  • Source: Chartway’s new account and customer service information
  • Find your nearest Chartway.


  • Third Party Check Conditions: Non-customers can only cash checks from Citibank. Citibank customers can receive checks only up to the remaining balance in their current accounts. The rest can be deposited. The original certification also requires verification and warranty.
  • Non-customer fees: Free for checks issued by Citibank up to $5,000.
  • Source: Citibank Simple Checking page and customer service department
  • Find the nearest Citibank

Connexus Credit Union

  • Conditions required for third party checks: The third party (payee) must authenticate the check in the presence of a bank official.
  • Non-Customer Charges: Check Cash is available to Connexus customers and members only.
  • Source: Connexus account information
  • Find your nearest Connexus.

First National Bank

  • Required Conditions for Third Party Checks: Cashing of third party checks will be handled on a limited basis for those without an account. Independent verification may be required for every certification.
  • Non-customer fee: $5 per check
  • Source: First National Bank Deposit Agreement
  • Find the nearest First National Bank.
Third Party Check


  • Third Party Check Requirements: Non-customers may only cash personal and business checks from HSBC. The certification must accurately match the name on the check. You may be charged a fee for returned items for any reason. Including improper certification
  • Non-customer fees: Free for personal checks. Business check fees: $3 for checks up to $100; $5 for checks over $100
  • Source: Customer Service
  • Find your nearest HSBC
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M&T Bank

  • Third Party Check Terms: Third party checks collected from M&T may only be cashed by non-customers. Both the original payee and the third party must be available for a face-to-face review.
  • Non-customer charge: 2% of total check value (Minimum fee $3, maximum fee $20)
  • Source: Customer Service
  • Find the nearest M&T Bank.

Navy Federal Credit Union

  • Third Party Check Conditions: Members must sign third party checks in the presence of the cash or deposit teller. Non-members can cash third-party checks in NCCU if both parties are available for in-person verification.
  • Fee for non-customers: Free
  • Source: Customer Service
  • Find the nearest NFCU.

SunTrust Bank

  • Conditions for Third Party Verification: All certifications are subject to verification. Both recipients must be present with valid identification.
  • Non-customer charges: Typically free for SunTrust checks under $50; $7 for SunTrust checks $50 and up. All other checks: 1 percent to 3 percent of the overall check amount.
  • Source: Customer Service
  • Find the closest SunTrust bank.

TD Bank

  • Requirements for Third-Party Checks: TD Bank recommends that you contact your local branch to discuss your specific third-party check cashing requirements.
  • Non-customer service charge: $7
  • Source: Customer Service
  • Find the nearest TD Bank.

US Bank

  • Requirements for Third Party Checks: Account holders should cash or deposit third party checks at a U.S. bank branch.
  • Non-Customer Billing: Check cashing is available to U.S. bank account members only.
  • Source: Customer Service
  • Find the nearest US bank.

2. Check Cashing Stores

One important thing to remember about cash receipts for merchants is this: There are costs associated with changing checks regularly.

We record received checks for merchants that will accept third-party checks. Along with the general charge, if accessible, as a rule, in any case, the check-receiving charge for the merchant fluctuates according to the type and amount of the check.

Ace Cash Express

  • Conditions for Third Party Checks: Both parties may be required to confirm certification. Requirements vary by store. Contact your nearest ACE Cash Express for more information.
  • Check cashing fees: Varies by location, check type, and amount.
  • Source: Customer Service
  • Find the nearest ACE Cash Express.

advance finance

  • Conditions for Third Party Checks: The third party must personally approve the check. Verification of the original certification may be required. Contact your nearest Advanced Financial for details.
  • Check the cashout fee:
    • Payroll and government checks: 1 to 2.99% of the total paycheck amount The minimum fee is $3 for salaries and $2 for government checks.
    • Personal checks: 10% of the total check amount; Minimum fee $5
    • All other checks: 1% to 5% of the overall check amount. Minimum fee $5
  • Find your nearest Advance Financial.
Third Party Check

Select ‘N Go

  • Conditions for Third-Party Inspection: Both parties should be available for self-inspection.
  • Check-to-cash fees start at 1.99% of the total check amount. Specific rates vary by location, check type, and amount.
  • Source: Customer Service
  • Find the nearest Check ‘N Go.
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quick cash

  • Required conditions for third-party checks: The original payee and issuing bank must be confirmed when cashing the check. Speedy Cash confirms this information by telephone.
  • Check Collection Fees: Starting at $2
  • Find the nearest Speedy Cash.

Cashing Check Shop

  • Third Party Check Terms: Only certain areas accept third party checks. Contact your nearest The Check Cashing Store for more information.
  • Check cashing fees: Varies by location, check type, and amount.
  • Source: Customer Service
  • Find the nearest Check Cashing store.

Places that do not accept checks from third parties

1. Banks and credit unions

  • Federal Credit Union Partners
  • Allie Bank
  • Bank of the West
  • Charles Schwab
  • People’s Bank
  • Discover Bank
  • key bank
  • PenFed Credit Union
  • Regional Bank
  • Wells Fargo

In most cases, these banks will allow you to deposit third-party checks into your account. As long as you deposit money at the bank Instead of depositing money at an ATM or through a mobile app

2. Check Cashing Stores

  • cash check in
  • Community Financial Service Center (CFSC)
  • Receiving a Friendly Check
  • Money Mart
  • Payroll accountant
  • Pay-O-Matic
  • Please check the payment.
  • United Check Cashing

3. Grocery Store and Convenience Store

Although most grocery and convenience stores offer check cashing, But there aren’t any stores, including Walmart, that won’t accept third-party checks.

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Third Party Check


Banks that will cash third-party checks include Bank of America, Connexus Credit Union, BB&T, SunTrust Bank, TD Bank, and US Bank.

Some check cashers, such as ACE Express Cash, Advance Financial, and Speedy Cash, also accept third-party checks.

In most cases Basic food and lodging stores, including Walmart, do not use these types of checks.

Hopefully it shows a legitimate and officially approved personal identification card. And now both payees must be ready to fund the check.

This is because third party check payment methods can be very volatile. It’s important to call your bank, credit union, or check early to change stores. To inquire about the focus of management

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