AI Blogging: Four Reasons Originality and Creativity Died

AI Blog is trending right now. This era marked the beginning of the end of originality and creativity among writers. Here’s some quick information. mine about things That came after 11 years of trying to write and please search engines. So that I can reach the desired target group.

A little background on my blogging activities.

Blogging can be easy. Sometimes it’s hard It depends on the topic you’re writing about and the inspiration you’re getting. At least this is true for me who has been doing this for over a decade. My blogging activity is 11 years 19 days older than this site. The time I spend writing depends on my mood and the complexity of the topic I’m working on.

When I get inspired to write It will take me about 30 minutes to write the article and publish it. Sometimes it takes several days to review, edit, and fact-check. I take care to publish what I intend to show to my target audience.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies

When I started blogging for the fun of venting what was on my mind back in 2011, I was so excited to see my articles or notes read by other users or bloggers. But after writing several articles online I have read about the opportunity to make money from it. But this interest arose about five years ago. When I seriously considered a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to make my articles discoverable to search engines.

It was then that I achieved high rankings for the specific keywords I was targeting. But I also realize that now I am writing to please search engines, especially Google as the dominant search engine that attracts traffic from all over the world, but things change, algorithms change. And I had to keep up. Just a few tweaks to see how my articles perform.

Google Analytics

I spend endless hours tracking the readers of my articles using Google Analytics, which code I just copy and paste into one of the plugins I use or the specific location where that code needs to be entered. It’s straightforward.

Now I have to contend with the complexity of putting all the tags in places that I’m not even sure I did correctly. I tried it to no avail. I wasn’t able to get the normal traffic view I expected.

I have come to ask myself: “Did I do the right thing? Did I place the code where it should be? Did I copy and paste the correct code?” Switching to G4 Analytics gave me a headache. Things are more complicated than before. I need more time to find this answer.


These are just some of the questions I have on my mind these days. After a little more than a decade of experience studying how websites work, And now I still write from time to time, letting my mind flow to discuss a new thing that has exploded in online activity: AI blogging.

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I’m writing this post to mark the day I realized that blogging as I used to do it was dead. The current trend is AI blogs, or AI-enabled blogs, where the author uses artificial intelligence to help him or her write articles.

4 AI blogging strategies and things to be careful of

While blogging and studying SEO strategies, I “discovered” a new way to write articles or web logs. Sometimes I use it Sometimes I use it It depends on your mood and inspiration for writing whatever.

If you’re not in the mood I will probably rely mostly on what the AI ​​can do for me. But I make sure I read everything before publishing. It doesn’t completely rely on AI for all its errors. AI has its problems, and I noticed this so that my readers wouldn’t fall prey to its hallucinations.

There are four ways we can do AI blogging right now.

Strategy 1: Let AI write it

As the AI ​​app says, you can write a blog just by telling the AI ​​about the topics you want it to write about. Just like we did in the first ChatGPT, we tell the AI ​​to write an article about a specific phrase. Let it do the rest.

It’s helpful to understand the importance of keywords as we do in our recommended SEO writing formats. If you don’t have any knowledge about the importance of keywords and do a little research. There is a chance that you will miss the target audience of your article. Your blog will be ranked in the millions. This means that relatively few readers visit your site.


I admit that in my writing I strive to please search engines. To get my articles indexed and readers who want to find those articles And there’s good reason for that. This article briefly explains why: How to use keywords in your blogging strategy.

Keyword strategy requires you to think of only the right keywords to use or topics to write about that someone is actually looking for information about. In principle It should be something you are familiar with or have good knowledge of. That’s because you’ll enter your name after the AI ​​app creates the articles you want.


The resulting article seems perfect. But when looking closely You will find that there is a recurring trend in AI. While this AI blogging strategy might work for you, Since you don’t have to worry about redundancy or you can tolerate minor misinformation, it’s still best to edit whatever the AI ​​writes, as it will also tell you what you need to check for accuracy.

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You will notice that the AI ​​uses the same phrases every time an article is written, such as including headlines that start with “insight” or “exploration” and similar words. I think it’s a poor way to introduce the topic. Therefore, I usually remove these words from the header. Keep the topic as brief as possible about what is written in this section.


Using this AI blogging strategy will make you dependent on AI algorithms as a writer for a long time. I personally don’t like this approach. I have the option to have the AI ​​published directly in this account. But I stopped short. Because an error was found in the created article. I still need to read the generated articles line by line. Then fix some errors. Not only to change or delete phrases. But be sure to read the entire paragraph if necessary.

In my case, it took about an hour to optimize an AI-generated article with SEO best practices in mind.

Strategy 2: Write your blog or article and let the AI ​​improve it.

After writing your article, you may ask the AI ​​to improve it. It will correct any grammatical and spelling errors in your composition. This approach is more time consuming when you write the article directly and then ask the AI ​​to improve it.


This method will take about two hours. It depends mainly on the length of the article. Which for all SEO optimization intents and purposes should be no less than 600 words. If that’s the topic you’re led to, a 1000 word article is easy.

I use this approach in this article. At first I thought it would be short. But I know that at the time of writing this article. There are many things I need to cover in the AI ​​Writing blog. The number of words I have written is now close to 1,300.

Strategy 3: Write notes and let the AI ​​organize it

You can enter your notes and let the AI ​​organize the words in a more understandable way. I did this once. Using notes taken during meetings, AI processes broken phrases and sentences into a single, understandable document.


However, the results require further revision. Because there are some sentences that don’t reflect what you mean. It is helpful to edit the finished document to correct the facts and convey what you want to say.

This AI writing strategy saves you time organizing your notes into paragraphs. arranged logically in official documents This is useful when you are taking notes during fieldwork. Therefore, it is worth writing your notes on your mobile phone or tablet to avoid missing any unauthorized handwritten notes.

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Strategy 4: Prepare an outline of what you want the AI ​​to write.

Whenever we write something and keep our thoughts from wandering. Outline is one of our best guides. Just place the important headings and write what the content should be under each heading. One or two sentences will cause the AI ​​to create the article exactly how you want it to look or sound.

I use this AI blogging method in the articles I write on this writing website. I found it satisfying when the AI ​​curated articles based on my bids. I leave it written as the introduction, body, and conclusion of the article.

Why do originality and creativity die?

Considering the four AI blogging strategies I outlined in the previous section, I say that blogging with originality and creativity is dead. We cannot live according to old practices. We can no longer use our work, such as writing so that search engines can find our work.

We now blog by leveraging the power of creative artificial intelligence. The era of creative writing as we know it is over. AI can do it better. There are still bloggers in control. and to survive in the new blogger style We need to hire AI for our blogging activities. If we still want to track interest in our blog.

This is because today’s new generation loves video content to learn new things. It is therefore necessary to shift our focus as bloggers to creating video content that meets the needs of our audience. I say viewers because there seems to be an inclination to watch videos rather than read long pieces of text.

We can also block But we should also take advantage of what AI can do. We manage these new technologies. We are not managed by those technologies.

We can also block But we should also take advantage of what AI can do. We manage these new technologies. We are not managed by those technologies.

So we take responsibility for the facts and let AI do the rest. We can deliver information better. With diligence and keen eyesight We can make a difference and prevent misinformation created by bloggers who rely solely on AI to produce their content.

We take full responsibility for what we write. Whether written in whole or in part by AI as one of the unwritten ethical standards We should strive to produce factual, authoritative, and carefully curated content. Now, this is the direction this writing site will take.

As a blogger I want to be part of the solution to address concerns about misinformation caused by AI, not add problems to the already complex world we live in today.

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