How much is Hulu per month and how to change your plan?

If you want to change plans You may want to know how much Hulu costs per month to help you plan. If you want to know more about these options, Please read the information below!

How much does Hulu cost per month?

How much does Hulu cost?

Hulu’s monthly price depends on the package you choose. You have two basic categories to choose from — On-Demand Streaming Only or On-Demand Streaming with Live TV.

In each of those categories You have the option to save a little money and ads are included. Or pay a little extra to get rid of those ads for certain programming.

Ultimately, that means there are Hulu plans designed to fit most streaming budgets.

It also hints that if you can save money by using Hulu instead of your cable plan, Hulu + Live TV is only $70/month, which is cheaper than many cable plans. Especially when you consider Hulu’s extensive on-demand library.

Pricing details of various Hulu plans

Basic Hulu Hulu (no ads) Hulu (Commercials) + Live TV Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV
Monthly price $7.99 $17.99 $76.99 $89.99
Ad-free on-demand streaming X X
Access Hulu’s entire streaming catalog
Access over 90 live TV channels X X
Includes Disney Plus and ESPN Plus* X X
Number of simultaneous screens 2 2 2 2
Access premium add-ons
Download support for offline viewing X X

*Hulu (ads) + Live TV has Disney Plus with ads, while Hulu (ads-free) + Live TV has Disney Plus without ads.

Does Hulu offer add-ons?

Hulu offers a variety of add-on options for premium channels and premium features, including Max, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, and more. Members can also add Disney Plus or ESPN Plus to their subscription plan.

How much does Hulu cost per month?

Hulu Deals and Promotions

The most popular Hulu promotion is the Disney Bundle deal: for $70/month, the Hulu + Live TV plan automatically includes Disney+ and ESPN+.

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Clearing ads from most on-demand content costs $83/month. You can also bundle Hulu with Disney+ and ESPN+ for $13/month, but this plan supports ads and doesn’t include live TV channels.

If you just want Hulu and Disney+, you can bundle these into Duo for $10/month.

Each of these packages offers significant monthly savings compared to subscribing to separate streaming services.

College students can also take advantage of student discounts as long as they’re in college. For just $2/month, students get access to the full ad-supported Hulu library.

This plan doesn’t include live television or access to Disney series. Prices for most Hulu plans will increase on October 12th.

However, if you subscribe to an ad-supported Hulu + Live TV plan before then You can get the first three months of service for just $50 per month, a savings of $20 now and $27 when the price increase takes effect.

That’s a very good price for what you get. This includes Disney+ and ESPN+.

Hulu Live TV Subscription Plans

How much does Hulu cost per month?

Basic Hulu

The first version is the most basic version of Hulu, which costs $5.99 per month.

This particular version gives you access to Hulu’s full library of upcoming episodes of most network shows. The most complete collection of FX content on streaming and Hulu and FX on Hulu Originals. However, this basic version also comes with ads.

Hulu (no ads)

If you pay just a few dollars, those ads disappear. Ad-free Hulu costs $11.99 per month.

Just like the basic version of Hulu. It won’t give you access to Hulu’s live TV offerings, but you can watch all of the streaming service’s library and original content.

Hulu + Live TV

Have you ever missed the joy of live television? This next level is for you. Thanks to Hulu + Live TV, you have access to over 60 popular channels, including ABC, Fox, NBC, CBS, The CW, CNN, A&E, Animal Planet, Bravo, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, ESPN. and HGTV

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This option is ideal for anyone who wants to cut the cord but still want to watch live sports. The most basic version of Hulu + Live TV costs $64.99 per month. But that version comes with ads.

Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV

That brings us to the most expensive Hulu plan. You can currently subscribe to Hulu + Live TV without ads for $70.99 per month, although that price may seem steep. But it’s still a lot cheaper than when cable existed.

How to change your Hulu plan

Changing your Hulu plan is easy. Once you’ve signed up for Hulu, just go to your account page.

Then scroll down to the section. Go to “My Subscriptions” and click on the “Manage Plans” link. Here you can switch between different plans. There are four plans listed above.

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Does Hulu have a free trial?

How much does Hulu cost per month?

It definitely does. No matter which version of Hulu you sign up for, you can experience the streaming service for free. The basic version of Hulu is the most generous when it comes to free trials.

Right now, you can try Hulu Basic and Hulu Basic Ad-Free for 30 days without paying a dime.

These versions give subscribers access to Hulu’s vast library of next-day episodes and originals, but they don’t include live TV.

That’s because Hulu + Live TV has its own free trial. Both versions of Hulu + Live TV, with and without ads, come with a one-week free trial.

That gives you a full seven days to consider whether this high-end streaming option is right for you.

What is Hulu Premium?

Hulu Premium is the company’s ad-free streaming service. For $11.99 per month, you get access to their entire on-demand catalog without annoying ads.

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Each premium channel includes that network’s streaming library as well as access to all of its original content. There is an additional monthly fee. Here’s what Hulu currently has:

  • HBO Max: $14.99 per month
  • Cinemax: $9.99 per month
  • Showtime: $4.99 per month for 6 months (then $10.99/month)
  • STARZ: $8.99 per month

What is the difference between Hulu Basic and Hulu Premium?

How much does Hulu cost per month?

Hulu Premium is $11.99 per month, while Hulu Basic is $5.99 per month.

For the most part, the Hulu Premium experience was seamless and ad-free. Due to streaming agreements So there are a few exceptions.

Just three shows — “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” and “How To Get Away With Murder” — will run short commercials. Before and after episodes But it will continue to play during streaming.

Additionally, you won’t see any ads on Hulu Premium. Hulu Basic, on the other hand, will show you non-skippable ads before and during your stream.

The 30 minute show usually plays one commercial in advance. and there will be two commercial breaks during the show. This accounts for approximately 5 minutes of the total advertising time.

Hour-long shows have commercials at the beginning. And there will be an average of 5 commercial breaks per show. Estimated advertising time is approximately 10 minutes.

Both Premium and Basic have access to Hulu’s entire catalog of on-demand content, whether you choose Basic or Premium. It depends on whether you can tolerate being interrupted by ads or not.

If you want a smooth streaming experience, Hulu Premium is a great value.

Personally, I pay for the premium version of Hulu because I’m so used to ad-free streaming that I can’t go back to being bothered by ads. Although it did save me some money.

The convenience and user-friendliness of an ad-free service is more than makeup at different prices.

How much does Hulu cost per month?

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Finally, you now understand why you should try Hulu streaming for your next subscription. Its packages are cheap and affordable. And you have the opportunity to choose which streaming program you want to use and how.

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