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If you are in a bus accident (EMT) and are injured as a passenger. You should have a lawyer who specializes in bus accidents because You must be compensated. For the insurance company, there is an offense of driving incorrectly.

Therefore, it is important that you contact us and we offer you First help is free. To provide you with advice without any obligation.

However, it is very important for you to know that if you are experiencing pain from a bus accident, you should go. Within 72 hours from the hospital and receive medical reports It is a necessary test for Claim compensation correctly For your injuries, and in this case, it is best that you have an attorney who specializes in bus accidents.

Your rights as a passenger

The first thing you should know is that victims of public transport accidents are victims and must be compensated. You must file a claim with the person responsible for the accident, including accident insurance for a bus in which the driver was driving incorrectly or insurance for a car accident that caused an accident with a bus. In both cases, Passengers are not to blame for the traffic and as victims they must be compensated.

You should also know that When you buy a public transport ticket Mandatory travel insurance will also be included. (Sovie). This gives the opportunity to have Other compensation in an accident and is compatible with other compensation against the responsible driver’s insurance. Both possibilities Join forces with a lawyer who specializes in bus accidents. Will guarantee compensation for your bus accident injuries.

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Bus accident lawyer: advice

  • Warn the bus driver to Report accidents involving injuries to the municipal transportation company (Madrid EMT) and call the ambulance service (SAMUR).
  • It is normal for the bus to stop and Call the police to report. Anyway, it is recommended that Gather phone numbers of witnesses. Passengers traveling on the bus will be considered important evidence.
  • 72 hours before the accident, you need to go to the hospital. and have your injuries reported
  • It must be like that. File an accident claim with the public transport company., Renew accident insurance for damaged buses or cars. And finally, Before SOVI travel insurance is mandatory of the transport company

It is very likely that after stabilizing the injury, SOVI compensation can be collected before insurance compensation for the vehicle responsible for the accident. (bus or other vehicle)

We are specialist bus accident lawyers. And within these things We specialize in accidents inside city buses.S. Not every expert will accurately know the scope of both claims. Call without obligation First free consultation

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