Chatham House CFC International Friendship Association

Chatham House Common Futures Conversations (CFC) is a flagship initiative committed to building a community of young African and European community leaders. and engage them and their ideas in important policy discussions. The online platform was created with a network of 27 young people from 13 countries and builds on a youth survey they conducted in January 2019.

Members will participate in Challenges, which are month-long discussions on specific topics that help participants engaged in Chatham House research develop their own ideas. and share those ideas with policymakers and politicians. It is recommended to schedule 1-2 hours per week between challenges to ensure you get the most out of your membership.

This platform will help you develop your ideas on key global challenges such as climate change, conflict or inequality. You will engage with experts. Discuss your own experiences. Network with other community leaders from across the continent and share your ideas with top decision makers.

Throughout the year, our community will discuss the unique challenges facing Africa and Europe. It is aimed at developing solutions which are presented during webinars with senior decision makers or politicians.

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Applications closed: January 1, 2024

Value and duration of the award: The fellowship provides an opportunity for long-term conversations with Chatham House research to develop ideas and share those ideas with policymakers and politicians.

Eligible Countries: African and European countries

feature: To be considered for the Chatham House Fellowship:

  • Between 18 and 30 years of age and currently residing in an African or European country
  • Have good working knowledge of English
  • Be active, involved, and active in your local community.
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