Free Metro Phone Plan by T-Mobile Cell Portal Guide 2023

Are you thinking of switching to a low-cost mobile phone provider? But don’t know which one to choose? You can try Metro by T-Mobile’s free cell phone plan, formerly known as MetroPCS. It offers plans and add-ons that give you flexibility and predictable billing every month. Read more details!

Overview of Metro by T-Mobile

It is a prepaid brand owned by T-Mobile US. It previously operated the fifth largest mobile telecommunications network in the United States using code division multiple access (CDMA).

In 2013, the carrier completed a reverse merger with T-Mobile USA; After the merger, the services were combined under T-Mobile’s 4G and LTE networks.

Metro by T-Mobile (formerly MetroPCS) offers prepaid plans and no contracts. Includes two prepayment options.

T-Mobile hopes to merge with Sprint, but the deal still has several obstacles to clear. Until then Metro prepaid customers are conducting business as usual.

Metro cell phone plans by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile keeps the plan simple. The service provider gives its customers a number of options. Includes two unlimited data plans

  • 2GB: $30
  • 10GB: $40
  • Unlimited: $50 (includes 5GB of mobile hotspot data)
  • Unlimited: $60 (includes 15GB mobile hotspot data, Amazon Prime)

Best Metro Plans by T-Mobile

plan best for line information price Why
10GB plan for $40 Unlimited talk and text 1 10GB $40/month Great price includes unlimited talk and text and 10GB on a strong network.
Unlimited plan $60 unlimited data 1 Unlimited $60/month Includes 15GB hotspot and Google One and Amazon Prime
Unlimited Family Plan $60 many lines 4 Unlimited $120/month Great prices for unlimited data for the whole family.

How does Metro by T-Mobile compare to others?

2GB or less 3-5GB 6-9GB 10-25GB Unlimited
AT&T Phone $35 (1GB) $50 (8GB) $65
mobile boost $35 (3GB) $50
wireless cricket $25 (talk and text only)

$30 (2GB)

$40 (5GB) $55
Metro by T-Mobile $30 (2GB) $40 (10GB) $50
Internet 10 $20 (1GB) $35 (4GB) $40 (8GB) $50 (10GB)

$60 (12GB)

Project Fi* $20 (talk, text, and Wi-Fi)

$30 (1GB)

$40 (2GB)

$50 (3GB)

$60 (4GB)

$70 (5GB)

$80 (6GB+) 80 dollars
wireless republic $20 (talk, text, and Wi-Fi)

$30 (1GB)

$40 (2GB)

$30 (3GB)

$35 (4GB)

$40 (5GB)

$45 (6GB)

$50 (7GB)

$55 (8GB)

$60 (9GB)

$65 (10GB) do not have
Prepaid running $45 (4GB) $65
Straight Talk Wireless $30 (1,500 minutes, unlimited texts and 100MB data) $35 (3GB) $45 (25GB) $55
T-Mobile top up $40 (10GB) $50
Totally wireless $25 (talk and text only) $35 (5GB) $50
Trakphone $20 (1GB)

$25 (2GB)

$30 (3GB)
US mobile prepaid system $30 (talk and text only) $40 (5GB) $55
Verizon prepaid $30 (1GB) $40 (6GB) $50 (16GB) 70 dollars
Virgin Mobile $35 (5GB) $45 (10GB) $60

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Benefits of the Metro by T-Mobile cell phone plan

Here are some of the key benefits:

1. Excellent network

Metro by T-Mobile provides unlimited access to T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network. It ranks No. 2 in the country. If coverage is important to you, choosing Metro is a very smart decision.

2. Taxes and fees included.

Taxes and fees can really add up. And most carriers don’t include these taxes and fees in their advertised map prices. With Metro, you don’t have to worry about unexpected charges. Because all of this is already included in the system.

3. Many shops

Even if you’ve never thought about getting a Metro by T-Mobile cell phone plan, you’ve probably seen one of their stores around here before. Because the company has thousands of branches throughout the country.

It’s nice to know you’re not far from a Metro store if you need help with anything.

4. Data speed

Data speed is important for everything from web browsing to music streaming. The average download speed was 18.8 Mbps and the average upload speed was 1.13 Mbps.

5. Telephone options

Metro by T-Mobile lets you bring your own phone or purchase a compatible GSM device directly from the carrier. To check your phone’s compatibility with Metro by T-Mobile, click here.

6. Getting started

There are three easy steps. To set up service with Metro by T-Mobile:

  • Select a device from Metro or bring your own phone onto the network.
  • Buy a SIM card
  • Switched to Metro by T-Mobile.

These steps can be done by going to or enter a Metro by T-Mobile store. Please note that some Metro by T-Mobile stores still have the old MetroPCS logo.

Final Note

Metro by T-Mobile offers reliable and affordable service on the Big 4 networks along with in-person customer service at stores.

Additionally, one of Metro’s key benefits is its all-inclusive pricing. That is including taxes and fees. You’re also within walking distance of one of the shops.

Finally, I hope you found this information helpful. Please share this link and subscribe to this page to get more updates on related posts.

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