Accident compensation – How to get it?

at hitting a pedestrian It is a very common accident in many cities. Therefore, if you are in an accident, our advice is to call us from then on. The first 72 hours are very important. We will introduce you initially. Free consultation And after analyzing your case It is very likely that we will be able to get the job done.

Before showing you how to receive compensation for being hit by a car. We would like to briefly explain that as a pedestrian you must Right to claim

Right to claim

Yes, you will have the right to make a claim. Compensation for accidents When you use the rules correctly: crossing traffic lights green For pedestrians crossing People crossing, walking on the sidewalk (or shoulder if there’s no sidewalk) even if you’re crossing a road that doesn’t have a traffic light or pedestrian crossing.

You will have no right to claim. Accident compensation in case you use the wrong rules, for example crossing pedestrians with Traffic lights or crossing between cars without looking at others side

However, we insist that you always contact a lawyer who specializes in car crash cases. Because our experience tells us that In most accidents Pedestrian is correct.

Don’t forget that. Pedestrian without insurance In the event of an accident
It is more convenient to get legal advice for the first time to analyze if possible.
Have your home insured This gives you legal protection and your

Accident compensation

How to receive accident compensation:

  • It is important to record all possible information.. If the driver performs the correct maneuver, what will he be like? Car model, color, license plate, insurance and witness.
  • Hurry and notify the police.. Will be responsible for preparing reports to be used as evidence in claiming compensation for accidents.
  • Call an ambulance (SAMUR) and go to the nearest hospital after the accident.
  • If you have an injury It is recommended to treat them as soon as possible. If a few hours later or a day after the accident You feel sick such as dizziness, bruising, neck pain, etc. You can go to the hospital for treatment. There is an accurate medical report and diagnosis.
  • Contact a lawyer. If you want to receive compensation from an accident We recommend that you have an attorney who specializes in accidents. You can contact us. We’ll help you with no obligation in a free initial consultation.
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And if you want a more in-depth look at what to do in the event of a collision? Please read our article where we explain details about pedestrian collisions. On the other hand, you can find information about other compensations. That is possible by visiting our blog.

You can view DGT’s advice for pedestrians here.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. If you have any questions About an accident or being hit by a car You can contact us at:

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