US States With Affordable Housing

With inflation everywhere in the United States. It’s important to live in the state with the lowest cost of living.

The cost of living and quality of life can vary greatly in different parts of the country.

This article explores some states with a low cost of living along with an overall high quality of life.

We’ll look at factors like housing costs, taxes, crime rates, weather, and access to amenities.

Read on for our guide to the best states to live in the USA with the lowest cost of living and high quality of life.

US States with Affordable Housing

Deciding on where to live is an important choice that affects your daily life and long-term happiness.

One of the biggest factors in the cost of living in some states in the United States is the price of housing.

Large coastal cities such as New York and San Francisco It is famous for its extremely high rents and house prices.

However, go inland and you’ll find much more economical options without sacrificing amenities.

Here are some states with affordable housing markets:


The Natural State ranks 5th for most affordable housing among all 50 states. The median home price is $155,000 in Arkansas.

The rent is reasonable too. The average apartment rent is about $740 per month.


The Buckeye State offers homes at an average price of just over $175,000. Apartment rent is approximately $830 per month.

Focus your search on mid-sized metropolitan areas like Columbus rather than Cleveland for the lowest prices.


You can typically own a home in Tennessee for around $210,000. The average rent is $970 per month statewide.

Nashville is much more expensive, but other parts of Tennessee remain budget-friendly.


Housing is a bargain in Oklahoma compared to most parts of the country.

The median home price is just over $155,000 and rent is around $830 per month. Oklahoma City offers affordable city living options.

US states with low taxes

In addition to affordable housing Low taxes also lower the cost of living in some states in the United States. High local and state taxes will affect your budget.

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Want to keep more cash in your wallet? Check out the areas with tax rates lower than the national average:


This rough Western state has no personal income tax and a low sales tax.

Property tax rates are also reasonable. Wyoming allows you to keep more of your hard-earned income.


You will not have to pay income taxes on wages in Tennessee. Retirees also benefit from low property and sales taxes statewide.


Florida is attractive to retirees because of its lack of income taxes and average property tax burden.

State sales taxes are high. But overall taxes are still affordable.


In addition to having no income or sales taxes, Alaska even gives residents tax-free stimulus money annually just for living there! However, housing costs are higher than average.

US States with Safe Spaces for Families and Singles

In addition to money Safety is the most important thing when choosing a place to live.

These states have low crime rates in many communities:


This New England state has the lowest violent crime rate of any state. Including a safe city with old-fashioned small-town charm.

The Maine coast also offers convenient access to the ocean and nature.


Vermont claims the 2nd lowest violent crime rate in the United States. The state retains its rural character despite its increasing popularity.

Cities like Burlington remain safe places to settle.

New Hampshire

The Granite State is tied with Vermont for the 2nd lowest levels of violent crime.

New Hampshire also has small towns. lively along with cultural attractions and job opportunities.


Among the Midwestern states Minnesota has low crime statewide.

There are safe neighborhoods in Minneapolis with small-town living.

Escape the big city without sacrificing culture.

Some small towns feel isolated or lack things to do. These states can offer cultural attractions, entertainment, and other amenities even outside of major cities:

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Minneapolis has big city museums, sports, and restaurants, but smaller cities like Rochester and St. Cloud There are also cultural institutions such as orchestras and theatres.

The Twin Cities metro area has more than half the state’s population.


Performing arts venues are thriving in Denver and Colorado Springs. But you can also find community theatre, concerts and festivals. In mountain towns like Grand Lake and Durango, natural scenery offers endless outdoor activities.


Portland has a bustling restaurant scene and artsy vibe. But even small coastal towns There are also galleries in Maine. Community activities and tourist attractions Lobster is delicious everywhere, too.


Milwaukee and Madison have expected big city advantages. But a small town of Wisconsin promotes local culture through theater, arts shows, and folk festivals.

There are also hundreds of microbreweries throughout the state.

US state with optimum temperature and 4 distinct seasons

Some people like warmth all year long. while some people prefer certain seasons.

These states have moderate climates without extreme weather conditions:


This Pacific coast state enjoys a warm climate year-round. Winter is rainy but not cold. while summer is warm and dry. Outdoor activities can be done all year round.


Tennessee has had four different but mediocre seasons. Summers are warm but not too hot. While winter is still quite cool, it’s a little chilly outside.

Autumn and spring also have pleasant temperatures.

North Carolina

The Tar Heel State receives more than 300 days of sunshine per year. The Appalachian Mountains provide a warm climate in winter that cools down in summer near the coast. Living outdoors is easy most of the year.


Located in the heart of the country, Kentucky sees all four seasons but avoids harsh winters.

You can also hide out in the beautiful horse country of the Bluegrass region if the weather gets too cold.

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You don’t have to be rich to find the ideal home with a good quality of life.

Many affordable states combine a low cost of living with amenities, culture, and access to the outdoors. and pleasant weather

Be sure to look beyond the modern metropolises and popular tourist hotspots to find the best deals.

Do your research to see which state offers what you want most. Whether it’s job opportunities, low taxes, outdoor activities. or a relaxed life

With an open mind and a sense of adventure Owning a home in an affordable wonderland might be easier than you think.

Frequently asked questions

Which US state is the cheapest place to live?

Mississippi and Arkansas are consistently ranked as the most affordable states in the United States.

Housing costs average less than $1,000 per month for a two-bedroom apartment in both states, groceries, utilities. and other expenses is also very low

What is the cheapest and safest state to live in?

Maine becomes the cheapest and safest state. It has one of the lowest crime rates and a lower than average cost of living.

Other less expensive options include Ohio and Wisconsin. It’s quite safe as well.

Which states have the lowest taxes for retirees?

Florida is the most tax-friendly state for retirees. This is because there is no state income tax and the overall tax burden is low.

Tennessee and Texas are other less expensive states with no income tax.

Which state doesn’t have winter?

Hawaii Southern California south Texas And South Florida rarely gets very cold in the winter.

Arizona and New Mexico have very mild winters overall.

What is the most boring state to live in in the United States?

North Dakota often tops the list. of the most boring or unhappy states Due to its remote location empty countryside and the long winter

However, it is still a great place to live.

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